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Anyone have experience with TP Link products? I need a repeater because the wifi receiver on my TV sucks and I can't run a cable from the router across the house. They seem decent value for price just don't know the brand.


Or video game :) Like a Dragon/How to Get Away with Murder. Checks out ;)


And that's Like a Dragon finished! Just, WOW!


I don't think there's a modern buzzword I hate more than 'influencer'.


My backlog/rotation has gotten a bit out of control, so I wrote it down if anyone cares to take a peek or tell me what to play next. Pic unrelated.


Found Soulbow's ride! ;) Have a great day all!


I know what I'm ordering for dinner tonight!


Best song/video on the internet. That is all. Have a nice day :)


Happy birthday to the soul of Dtoid, Mr. Occams. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us nearly every day. I long for the day where we can meet up and sit in silence and just smile at each other. Have a great day! You deserve it!!!


My tablet's home screen. (Disqus is borked for me too...)


Had some free time today so I got a haircut and took a long 7km walk. Passing by Duomo di Milano now. I used to pass it every work day. It's been over a year since I saw it last. Never thought a big church would give me feels. But here we are...


So, Ashley's FP articles have been out of my generation and I really can't connect with them. However there are definitely sexism issues in games. Got me thinking: can you think of a time a female character was impeded because she was female?


Embarrassing drug stories: Once smoked crack out of a corn cob pipe and dislocated my shoulder trying to throw a bowling ball off the top of an abandoned movie theater. Other drugs may have been involved. Disclaimer: I don't condone crack usage.


Haven't blazed in years, but for all of you who enjoy the giggle grass, enjoy the day!


Browsing upcoming games and this caught my eye. Looks pretty neat. I am getting a little tired of the [insert adj. here]-punk aesthetic, but the gameplay hook looks fun. Might give it a go when it releases later today.


Is Obvious Plant a meme? Because that would be my favorite meme. #MemesILove


Kinda in defense of paying full price for games, y'all should be taking more chances on indies and paying full price for them more often. Worst case scenario, you're out 20 bucks. But only pay full price from AAA devs that you highly enjoy and trust.


Rad! Green Jello has a new single and upcoming album! What year is it?


yay. monday. have a week.


Love that 70s/80s Atari and paperback art style. It needs a comeback! Imagine an entire game done with this art direction and wood paneling. 'Drool'


Thanks to Morty for pointing out Strangeland (developed by Wormwood, who made Primordia, & published by the always amazing Wadjet Eye) finally has a release date! May 25th! Can't wait for this game!


So, I pulled the trigger on The Longing. It's just to interesting to pass up. Worst case scenario, I'm out €12 (currently on Steam sale). What are some other games with fascinating premises have you played? Lucas Pope games come immediately to mind?


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