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Nindie showcase tomorrow! Put your unrealistic shadow drop bets in the comments! Winner gets a cat gif!


Noticed Jenny LeClue is dirt cheap on the eShop (€4) so I snagged it because Dtoid's best speller said it was pretty good. Also grabbed Valient Hearts for €6. Not a bad haul. Pic unrelated.


This game looked interesting and was cheap so I gave it a shot. It's pretty damn unique. Like a combo of Slay the Spire and a D&D party-based dungeon crawler. Worth a look for rougelike fans.


Have a great day all!


Holy difficulty spike, Like a Dragon! Loving chapter 12 and the boss fight, but I'm getting my ass handed to me. Guess that's why the grinding area opened up right before. Guess I'll try to grind to lvl 40 and try again. Pic unrelated.


Well, I guess I was smart enough to beat Obra Dinn! Just needed to spend a full day playing nothing else to not lose the groove and a good notepad. And a few lucky random guesses. Outstanding game and I wish there was more like it. Pic unrelated


I really hate shelving games and try to finish everything I start but AI:TSF is seeming to be joining the shelved list. The attempts at pervy comedy are so cringe and clash with the atmosphere hard. The repeated porn mag gag broke the camel's back.


So, I finally started Obra Dinn and I want to love it, but I don't think I'm smart enough to play it. My horrible memory and the games info system is rather clunky therefore it's making my brain hurt. Any suggestions?


Remember to take care and love yourselves! Have a great day!


Occam, are you Obvious Plant?


Finished up Raging Loop last night! Great VN even if they flubbed the ending a bit. Highly recommended to fans of the genre. Next up, finally play Obra Dinn which has been on my Switch unplayed for too long! pic unrelated.


Saw this and had to laugh. "I'm Shipping You Off to a Convent". We also had a reality show about Rocco Sifreddi's family. What's the stupidest/ inadvertently hilarious/ most embarrassing trash TV in your country?


Here's to a great week all! Have a good one!


What's your favorite Easter Egg in games?


Hope you all have a terrific weekend!


Gonna put some Disco Elysium PS4 port first impressions in the comments. TL;DR- Great port, PC is the best place to play, I'm a little concerned about the Switch port. Edit: I typed too much not to bump this. Play Disco Elysium!


OK, MetalArchives wins April Fools by a long shot.


I have defected and joined the Catglomerate. Join me in serving our purrcious feline over lords!


The Council cured my hemorrhoids! You won't believe how! The end will amaze you!!!


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