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Have a great day all! Even if E3 hasn't been to exciting this year (I imagine next year will be a banger) I hope there have been some reveals that put a smile on your face. Can't wait to see what Nintendo's got in store later :)


There's a joke here somewhere. I'm too lazy (dumb) to find it.


My favorite moment of E3 so far and it will be hard to top. His quick response was so genuine. It's so nice when people are kind to each other. That being said, all of you are breathtaking!


Happy Monday! What E3 games have your attention the most now we're halfway through. For me, CYBERPUNK!!! Elden Ring, Baldur's Gate 3, and Carrion. Looking forward to Ubi and Nintendo's shows.


Takeaways from the MS show: CYBERPUNK!!! Hyped for all the multi plat games, I'm slightly intrigued in getting a cheap xbox for Gamepass, even a gameplayless trailer for new From game has me hyped, Phil Spencer has tiny hands and TRex arms. Well Done MS!


Anyone play Pillars of Eternity on console? How is it with a controller? I played Tides of Numenera and Divinity OS on PS4 and they played great, but the combat was turn based.


Does Nintendo have so few leaks because Mario and Luigi keep the pipes in good condition?


Noticed my comments aren't popping up on qposts. Anyone else? Update: disregard this, seems to be working again :)


Happy Friday! When the pornbots leak into qtoid..


On a Mars Volta kick today. Fucking hell the album Frances the Mute is a goddamn prog rock masterpiece! That is all.


Have a great day all!


The concert gods have smiled upon me this year. Mike Patton's Mondo Cane project where he sings a bunch of classic Italian songs, Lacuna Coil/Eluvietie, Cake, Cult of Luna, and Opeth. This Autumn is going to be great! Any of you got any concerts lined up?


Have a good day all! What you been reading? I'm finishing up The Shining. Can't believe I've never read it till now. I totally get why King doesn't like Kubrick's adaptation now.


Just played Edith Finch... wow, that was some beautifully depressing stuff. Absolutely amazing and unique experience.


Good morning! Enjoy this silly pic I stole from a random internet site. Have a great day :)


Happy Monday Dtoid! Have a great week!


Basically how I rationalize other languages into English when I (badly) speak them. #Striptoid


A physical copy of Torment will be mine! Sept. 27th for the first 2 bundles and Dec. 6th for NN. Any of you buying all of these?


Got bronchitis:( but at least I get to stay home with my kitties and play video games:)


Devolver Digital (aka the best indie publisher ever) has all their games on sale on the EU eShop. I highly recommended everything. In particular, Downwell, Gungeon, and Katana Zero. I played Gato Roboto a bit and it's AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


Seems that release date of Cadence of Hyrule was a fluke. Been updated to June 20th. I'm betting a surprise release at E3. Anyhoo, Gato Roboto is out today! I already have the Meowtroidvania pre-purrrchased so I can't wait to get home and play :D


This morning sucks gangrenous dong. I feel like shit but gotta push myself to work. The world is falling apart and we're in a handbasket to hell. I need happy #Musictoid! What songs cheer you up and make you feel good about life and the world?


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