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If I have an American physical copy of a game (AC Odyssey in particular) and I buy the DLC from the European PSN where my acct is, it should work with my game, right?


Happy Friday! 6 more hours and I'm freeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait for a full week of nothing but wife, kitties, and video games!


Attention fellow Eurotrash Switch owners. 600+ games on sale in the EShop. Here's an unrelated meme I chortled at.


This is terrific! One of my favorite artists performs my favorite song from one of my favorite games! I really hope she does a studio recording of this!


Fact: Santa damns the souls of all naughty children to his beard. That's where his power comes from. #Cursedmas


Did that ps4 thing. Rather surprised by the results. I thought I spent more time with The Witcher and forgot I played Divinity so much. I wonder how many games were around the 80 hr mark. Many I bet.


Hope your all enjoying your weekend!


I'm trying to decide between Red Dead Redemption 2 or Dragon Quest XI for my Christmas\birthday game. Open world and Rpgs are my two top genres so it's a hard call. What say you guys?


Some of these WoL battles in Smash are stupid difficult. Am I doing something wrong or do I just suck (probably the latter)? That one with high wind and low buoyancy can fuck right off! Still amazing game!


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