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Saw Steven Wilson live last night and holy shit! What an extraordinary, unique experience! Easily in my top 5 concerts ever list (I've been to ~150)(thinking of doing a nvr blog on it if you're interested) This song in particular means a lot to me.


Tetris 99 is going to be dangerous for me. I already have 1 win and out of the 15 matches I've been consistently in the top ten. I guess all those year obsessively playing it are going to pay off. Or it's just dumb luck I'm actually good at an online game


Today's a great day! Nintendo had an amazing Direct, I posted a blog (which you should read, comment, and upvote so I feel validated), I had wild Valentine's Day morning sex, and I'm going to see Steven Wilson tonight!!! Happy VDay to you lot!


Stupid Facebook Thing

  🕹10 Day Video Game Challenge 🕹 Over on my FB profile my buddy egged me into being social and do this stupid 'challenge'. In the end it was pretty fun. Since here there may be another 3 people who will actually read my wor...


Hey bloggers with mobile. I want to post a blog and need to do some copy/paste. I don't have a PC, only my cell and tablet. The editor doesn't let me c/p anymore. When I hold for the pasta menu it just gives me options for insert table, etc. Any help?


Funny graffiti I walked by today. :)


Seems Dpad Studio may have something to announce at tonight's Direct. They posted about the Direct on their FB page and their Switch newsfeed about the Owlboy anniversary sale today seems to allude to something to me. Hope so! Love Owlboy!


Happy birthday to one of the coolest dudes on DToid, Xeo! May your day be filled with big titty metal chicks, video games, more big titties, and even more ear drum shattering thrash metal! Enjoy your day!


After 10 spins I feel I can unhyperbolicly say I am beyond blown away by the new album from Soen. Just, wow! If you're into Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Opeth listen to this band NOW! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Finished up that Sex Education series on Netflix last night. Way better than I expected. Definitely recommended if you're in the mood for a comedy. Also, Gillian Anderson is even hotter now than in her X Files days!


This is some amazing papercraft!


Thank you Wes and Dtoid for Dragon Marked for Death! I'm quite digging it after my first hour. Got a neat 2d Vanillaware vibe to it. The pixel art is absolutely gorgeous!


Happy Friday! May you all get a nice old-fashioned this weekend!


Hey Boxman! Saw this on the eShop homepage and thought you should know about it :) If you already didn't.


After putting a ton of hours into WarGroove I feel it will definitely be a GotY contender for me. Besides Into the Breach, which I love, what are some other tactics games I may have overlooked. Preferably on Switch but ps4 is cool too I guess.


Have a great Wednesday!


Ïa! Ïa! Shoggoth f'tagn!


Gave in and bought a new pair of JoyCons today (I have a launch Switch). Nice to finally have a fully functioning set. Between playing with separated JoyCons and the Pro controller, I can't decide which way is more comfy. What about you guys?


Happy Monday you delightful humans! Here's a stupid meme.


So my Joycon's drifting problem is reaching a point where I'm ready to buy a new set. I've tried cleaning and all the tricks from the internet. Anyone have any problems with a purchased pair? If I'm coughing up this price, they better last!


Happy Weekend you lovely darlings!


After 3 hours with WarGroove I have to wholeheartedly agree with the Dtoid review. If you have an inkling of love for Advance Wars or tactics games buy it right the fuck now! I'm having a blast with it!


I know most of you are absolutely sick of the snow. But we don't get much in Milan so when it does it's nice to see. I like the look of snow covered industrial areas. There's a certain haunting beauty to it.


I'll get in on the Shaggy trend.


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