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In a mustard stained fishnet tank-top, skid-marked briefs, and geisha robe I butchered the saddest song in the world on stage in front of the hunky Hardie Boys. Best check fail ever. Deer lord am I loving Disco Elysium!


Yay! Notifications are working again!


I spent some money during the Winter Sales. Disco Elysium, Grimrock 2, and Unavowed from Steam; Bloodstained from PSN, and Divinity OS2 from eShop. Any good grabs from you guys?


Happy New Year all!!! Here's do a delightful year filled with health and joy! Make the best of it!!!


Soulbow, you are a wonderful person and deserve all of the pizza, blowjobs, and whatever other things Canadians like (syrup, poutine?) in the world. Have the best birthday buddy!


My top 3 games of 2019: 1. Disco Elysium 2. Sekiro 3. Death Stranding. Shout out to Pillars 2 and Divinity 2 which came out last year but I didn't get to till this year. Hoping to have a best of the decade cblog out the first weeks of 2020. We'll see.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You know how to make an old man feel special! Also, my disqus comment notifications is on the fritz, so if I don't reply to you, that would be why.


Ya ha! You found me! Fresh ink! I've been wanting a Zelda tattoo for ages and finally got one for my 40th birthday (tomorrow). I love it! More angles in the comments. :Vanity Bump!


Heading out to go see Star Wars. I expect to be entertained and come away slightly perplexed by the random Jar Jar Binks analingus scene. Bump: Very fun film and liked the nonstop action but Deer Lord was it predictable. Jar Jar's scene was 'tasteful'.


Suggestions for Dtoid year end awards next year: Genre awards, multiplatform category, and since Dtoid is such a community driven site let us have a vote in the nominations and winners. Regardless, thanks team for the work you do! Pic unrelated.


And that's Death Stranding finished! I really enjoyed it. Story was interesting even if convoluted and the gameplay was surprisingly addictive. My only gripe was the cutscenes were way too long. I know it's a Kojima game, but still!


Other than early gifting myself Divinity 2 Switch and Disco Elysium, I didn't get any video games for xmas. My wife did gift me the Stranger Things D&D campaign and it looks to be the perfect thing for newbies. Can't wait to run it with my normie friends!


Merry Christmas to you lovely bunch. You all bring a smile to me every day and I genuinely appreciate that so much. Here's to you all having a happy and healthy holiday today and for years to come!


About to have supper and watch my holy trinity of Christmas films (Elf, Christmas Vacation, Gremlins 2). I hope you all have a wonderful Eve and Santa leaves you everything your heart could desire! Big hugs to all!


Sorry to you Festivus celebrators. I'm a day late in wishing you a holiday. May your grievances be aired!


My favorite internet personality of 2019. I can't get enough of this guys smile and cooking skills!


Disco Elysium is really damn great! GotY contender! It really is on par with Planescape so far. Besides Pillars, Infinity Engine, and Divinity, can you think of other RPGs with delightfully verbose and well-written prose and dialogue?


The Switch bundle we've all (Dere) been waiting for!


I really want my baby back baby back baby back Chili's Baby Ribs!


My very good buddy's band just released a new single for their forthcoming album. It's really damn great and he finally took my advice to write the lyrics in Italian (his native language). It flows so well. FFO Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Pallbearer


Hot take: Watched the first 2 episodes of The Witcher and I really dig it so far. It doesn't take itself too seriously and is campy as fuck. Kinda reminds me of Hercules and Xena. And I love those shows! Mr. Cavill is a great Geralt!


Just want to ask you all to consider donating to your local animal shelter this holiday and maybe even consider volunteering. Even a $20 donation goes a long way at helping the volunteers do their best for our furry friends!


And now, time for my most vulgar and stomach-churning #Cursedmas post ever! May deer god have mercy on my soul!


I just want to thank all of you participating in #Cursedmas. These f'd up photos bring a smile to my face.


Anyone elses disqus comments being screwy? Like not showing up or randomly disappearing? Pic unrelated.


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