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Anodyne is on sale in the eShop till the 17th for 0.99 cents. Give it a whirl. It's a trippy, cute Zelda clone.


Me goose-ta all these gooseified memes. Cower before the Great Grey Goose Hoooonk! Have a great day you silly geese!


Took a shot on a game called Bad North for Switch over the weekend. Gotta say it's a addictive, minimalist RTS game that is perfect if you want something enjoyable in small sessions. Definitely give it looksee.


Reminder: Call Your Mother! And father, brother, and sister! My family went through an insane 24hours (father surprise visit to ER for kidney problems, sister gave a very difficult birth, my mom trying to keep it sane). Always remind them you love them!


I really wish the actual story was as good as the blurb. But alas no. Still a light chortle though.


A couple neat Hollow Knight tshirts on today's Qwertee.com selection. I've bought quite a few Ts from them and can attest to their quality for the price.


Sometimes I gotta take a step back and appreciate the fact I get to walk by (and sometimes work in) this architectural marvel every day. Bonus points if you can tell me how this cathedral is connected to video games ;)


I really need this crossover! Hope you humans have a great day!


Was going to wait till Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 were released and play them first, but the disc sitting in my collection for 6 proved to be too tempting. Deer god do I love this series! Was not expecting a babysitting simulator :P Pic unrelated.


Happy birthday to national treasure Mike Martin. You're a horrible old yeasty cunt. Enjoy your special day!


Finished Blasphemous! Great game not without its issues. The boss fights were some of the best of any Metroidvania. There wasn't a single bad one! Highly recommended if you're looking for a fair but challenging game.


I wrote a review of the 'new' model PS4 headset. I know next to nothing about audio. I might have left my dong hanging out in one of the snaps; too lazy to edit it ;) If you seriously have nothing to do, give it a look. Would be nice :)


*New* PS4 Gold Headset Review

The other day my chunky old PS4 Gold Headset finally broke at the cheap, and useless, plastic hinge. I tried duct taping it and hot gluing it back together, but it just kept feeling like the headset was falling off my head. It lasted ...


I always feel bad when I have to kill cute enemies or animals ('glares at Far Cry series) in games. How 'bout you? What enemies do you feel the worst about murdering?


Well, ummm, ok. A little alarming. But, sure, fire's cool.


Deer god bless you Florida. You keep being your wonderful selves.


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