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A certain scene from GoT ep.5 done as a Dark Souls 3 boss battle. It's absolutely outstanding! Better than the original version. Video in comments because spoilers.


I got MH World in the mail today :) and I have a couple questions. I almost never play games online but want to with MH. As a quasi-MH noob when should I attempt online? Can I play w/o a mic? What's some general etiquette? Want to play with me? Thanks!


Finally fought a boss (Looking Glass) in DkS2 I enjoyed as well as his accompanying stage. Can't say I don't like DkS2 but not the quality I expect from From. Please tell me the rest of the end game is better because I'm near calling it a day on the game.


Why did no one tell me there's a kitty creator in Monster Hunter World?! Insta-buy! Though gotta wait a couple days because I found physical for cheaper. FYI free trial going till the 20th if you were on the fence like me.


I'm super hunky and ripped with meaty man muscles and could easily rip a man in twain with my bare hands. I also have an amazing beard. I must be dream daddy Kratos. (Selfie in comments because I don't know how to merge photos) #VGTwinsies


I want to adopt a parrot just to buy him this hoodie!


I wrote words that make vague sense over in the Cblogs. Give me attention! Thanks! Love you! Have a terrific Friday!


My Favorite Game Developers

Because who doesn't love lists? Here's my top five game developers. Because I'm lazy I'm being quite loose with the term. Some are publishers who house a variety of in house studios but whatever. It's that company's name I see when I ...


Big indie sale started on the EU eShop. And using any excuse to talk about one of my all time favorite artists I'd like to recommend picking up The Last Day of June which is based off the song and video Drive Home by Steven Wilson. I'll be double dipping.


What soon to be released games are you hyped for? I'm super hyped for Mario Maker 2. I had a blast making and playing levels on WiiU and with the larger user base of Switch it will be even more fun. I'll definitely be maintaining a Dtoid MM2 creators blog


Just found out my all time favorite band is playing 15 minutes from my home in November. Hell yeah! Made my day! Will be my 7th time seeing Opeth! What band have you gone to see an absurd amount of times? #Arbitrarymetaltuesday


My thoughts on the latest GoT episode: Just how much lead paint chips have the writers been eating?


Finally started Dark Souls 2 over the weekend and maybe I'm missing something but it feels ridiculously easy. I got past the pirate ship last night and the only boss that took me more than 1 attempt was The Pursuer. Did I get too good? Pic unrelated.


Belated, but I'll get in on this sexy #Selfietoid action. Enjoy my goofy mug and have a nice day!


PSA: Amon Amarth has a new record out today and by Mjolner! is it awesome as Hel! For Odin!!!


Obligatory I wrote a blog about some video games what I played and it would be cool if you read it post.


Stuff I Played Recently

Here's a handful of mini-reviews of some games I played over the past few months. Enjoy! Katana ZERO (Switch) 5 out of 5 Holy hell is this an amazing game! Way more story focused than I was expecting and boy does it do some really coo...


New Earthworm Jim to be made by original team! ....exclusive to the Intellivision Amico..... wtf? Link in comments.


Oi! What an episode! My thoughts on the latest GoT episode in the comments.


Found Dishonored 2 in a pile of games I had forgotten about and started it up over the weekend. Holy fuck is this game great! Definitely tougher than the first but the world is so amazing and realized! What are your favorite not-real-life game worlds.


Started playing a NG+ of God of War and I'm still blown away at how much a marvel it is. Definitely deserved all its GOTY awards and near unanimous praise. What other games do you think live up to their high praise? Witcher 3? Dark Souls? Knack 2?


Happy Wednesday you sexy lot!


Fuck it. I'm going to ignore my backlog and go finish up GoW platinum and then do a NG+ of this masterpiece.


Finally finished Xenoboobs 2 and was very satisfied with the ending. Such a weird game. I don't think I loved and hated a game before. You ever love and hate a game at the same time?


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