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Loving FE 3 Houses. But, next character to say 'sorry' is getting fucking slapped into tiny little pieces! Stop fucking apologizing!!!!


Let's play a game. It won't make you violent. Promise!


Current status. I haven't done my daily letdowns in 4 days because I'm lazy. I let myself down. I lack discipline. Back to the routine tomorrow, I promise!


Always look on the bright side of life. 'whistles'


Happy Wednesday all! Enjoy the rest of your week!


See a lot of you going through the toughest trials of life with the odds stacked against you. Not much I can do other than send platitudes and pocket change. Seeing how awesome this community is to each other is why I believe people are inherently good.


I have a spare key to Baldur's Gate 1 Enhanced Edition. I'd like to see it go to someone who will actually play it than just sit in their backlog for all eternity. Who wants it? First person to say the magic word wins!


Looks like Nightdive Studios is doing a System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition! Sure, you could get it from GoG and mod the heck out of it, but I'll buy this just for the convenience. Not many detail. Hope it hits consoles too! Would love this on Switch!


What's your current wallpaper? Bonus points if it's a subtle, hand-drawn landscape I can add to my wallpaper folder ;)


Happy Monday! Hope you all have a great week!


I 'fear no gods'. You?


These HD mods are really getting good!


Been super hooked on Pillars of Eternity lately and see it's on sale for Switch and PC. Definitely give it a go if you have any love for Infinity Engine games. I do need to buy the sequel but that can wait till I clear some backlog. Pic unrelated.


I like it. A lot. You?


Question, is G2A still a morally grey area or have they cleaned up over the years? Would I still be risking buying a key obtained with less than honest methods? Do you use G2A? Any good sites outside of GoG and Steam? Pic unrelated.


Happy birthday Kerri and Gajk! Hope your day is stupendous and no one spells your names wrong :)


On a '90s kick today and popped this gem of an album on. Not a single less-than-awesome track on the whole thing. My favorite hard rock (or stoner rock) album ever. "If you're lookin' for the one who fucked your mom, it's not me!"


Hope you get some this weekend ;)


PSA: Tool is finally on all streaming media! And an album is actually coming out on Aug. 30th (Astral Chain too! What a day!)! Hell hath frozen over. What's your favorite song from the band?


And the month of barely any work, sweating my balls off, and an overabundance of video games begins! The best/worst time of the year. Pic Unrelated.


My biggest issue with 3 Houses is I can't pet the kitties. And there are kitties everywhere! :( 0/0 Absolute shit. Pathetic game. This will cause the end of the world. Fuck Nintendo!


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