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Sekiro is absolutely heavenly! also cocks.


Mail came! And so did I! Let's get this party started.... After the necessary installation and patch download.


Oh boy does this got some zingers in it! Lmaooooo! Trailer's edited to be SFW butt, you know, might as well say NSFW just in case.


Happy Birthday Zer0t0nin! You're gonna die!


Hey yous guys that beat DQ11, what level were you for the last boss fight because holy fuck am I getting frustrated. I'm 52, have great gear, and really don't feel like grinding.


So, first impression after a good hour and first world of Blaster Master 0-2: it's great! Definitely a bit more challenging and some mechanics in place to prevent spamming the fuck outta that beam gun that goes through walls cheese.


And now I'm officially ready to watch the GoT finale next month!


I've been getting more interested in hip hop the past few months and have been gravitating towards the more surreal side of the spectrum. Aesop Rock, Busdriver, Deltron 3030, Milo are what I've been digging on. Recommended me some albums to discover :)


Watched that Netflix movie Polar and enjoyed it. If you're in the mood for an action flick with gratuitous titties, ass, and violence definitely give a look.


Titanfall 2 for €5. Sure, why not. I hear the campaign is short but sweet ride.


This is a nice surprise! Baroness have a new song/video out and revealed the art for the upcoming album :) I love John Dyer Baizley's art in all forms and really need to invest in one of his paintings one day soon.


A few last minute cancelled appointments today and I forgot to grab my Kindle on my way out this morning so I'm stuck sitting around, bored. So, let's impulse buy eShop games so they're ready to play when I get home! Got Baba Is You! Looks adorable!


With the exception of a couple doom and atmospheric metal bands, I just can't seem to get into metal much recently. Suggest me some good music to check out. Favorite non-metal acts: Aesop Rock, Steven Wilson, Springsteen, Baroness. Pic unrelated.


Holy shit! I need this now!


PS Now came to Italy today and Im trying the free 7 day trail. Initial thoughts, what a load of horse piss. I gotta wait in line for more than an hour to play Sly Cooper. Who thought this was an acceptable idea. I think Ill cancel my trial.


Back from this year's journey through India. And with minimal anal explosions from eating delicious street food of questionable sanitation. Hope you're all well! Did I miss anything cool while I was away? Now to sort through about 1000 photos :P


Greetings from Mumbai! Now back to my regularly scheduled program of gorging on spicy street foods. Pray for my butthole! Hope you guys are well!


In the rare case someone wonders why I'm a lot less active for the next few weeks, I leave tomorrow to go traveling in India in some areas with very spotty/no internet. I'll be sure to check in occasionally with a photo. :)


We ain't exactly spring chickens no more! What are some accessibility concerns you have for gaming that you foresee or are already problems for you as you inch closer to death? Me, it's text size and fast, repeated button mashing.


Hot rumor going around, Scalebound being revived on Switch! http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/02/rumour%20


Just got a win in Tetris 99 after battling it out back and forth for first place for nearly 6 minutes. By far the most intense session of Teris I've ever had. Fuck this game is bloody brilliant!


Over the weekend I reconnected with a cousin I used to be tight with back in the day and then lost touch because of a stupid family fight. Feels amazing reconnecting. If you have family or friends you haven't talked to in a while, drop them a line ;)


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