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Happy Wednesday you sexy lot!


Fuck it. I'm going to ignore my backlog and go finish up GoW platinum and then do a NG+ of this masterpiece.


Finally finished Xenoboobs 2 and was very satisfied with the ending. Such a weird game. I don't think I loved and hated a game before. You ever love and hate a game at the same time?


Hope you're all having a terrific week so far :)


In case anyone is curious the Switch port of the Shadowgate remake is pretty great. Controls are intuitive and a ton of difficulty options. The handpainted screens, voice acting, music, puzzles, etc are great so far. Def scratches a particular itch.


Good morning! Have a serene Friday!


Hopefully this awesome looking game doesn't get buried under all the Smash and Cuphead today. Update: After an hour of playing I'm loving the fuck out of this game! Great music, graphics, and controls. Intriguing story so far.


Seems my pornhub searches got sent to my YouTube searches. Fit Italians with great pole control... unzips....


Started back with my Xenoblade 2 save after a year away. I'm at the end of chapter 8 and my confusion on what the actual fuck is going on is on a whole different level lol.


A couple weeks ago I replayed Undertale. I first played it when it came out and enjoyed it. While it has its moments I ultimately found the replay rather dull and for lack of a better word, superficial. You ever have that happen when you replay something?


Today I'm listening to a lot of Italian hip-pop artist Caparezza. One of the most interesting modern musicians from Pizzalandia. Who is your favorite artist from your country or non-english language music artist? Let's get multicultural!


Well this isn't shady nor creepy as fuck at all. Activision Blizzard is asking women to give their pregnancy data to another company for a $1 gift card a day. Link in comments.


Ni No Kuni film with Ghibli talent! Sing me the fuck up for this!!!


We have completely and utterly failed as a species. Deer god, it's now time for Rapture. We have brought this upon ourselves through our inaction to prevent such horrid blasphemy. Have mercy on our souls.


A question posed by Zer0t0nin yesterday led me to a nice Beastie Boys listening binge (Paul's Boutique is such an amazing album!). I've come to the conclusion that if you don't enjoy at least one Beastie Boys song you don't enjoy fun :P


Oh shit! Va-11 Hall-A is hitting Switch and PS4 in May with a physical version in tow. I've heard nothing but great stuff about it and can't wait to finally play :) link in comments


Anyone play Crossing Souls or Red Strings Club? I'm seeing mixed reviews and would like to hear what you lot think before picking one up. Any Switch indies under 20 you'd recommend?


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