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Panzer Dragoon 1 and Zwei remakes are coming! Yay! A PD Saga remake would have been awesome, if someone hadn't lost the source code!


Pay attention to me hooman!


Due to my copy of Smash being held up in the post I grabbed Katamari Reroll. Worthy consolation. Brings me to when I bought it on ps2 because it was cheap and the box art intriguing. Blazed a doobie, popped it in, and boy was my mind blown.


Because the delivery guy can't be assed to ring a fucking door bell I gotta wait till Monday to play Smash. Viva la bullshit!


Happy I stayed up as long as I could to watch the awards with you guys. Was fun! Nice to wake up and see the correct game won GotY! Also that Smash reveal. Holy fuck. Props to Geoff for putting on one great show! Now to impatiently wait for Smash!!!!


If anyone is interested in my most played on Spotify playlist is in the comments. More diverse than expected. What are yours? Let's discover some great music!


Picked up a Skull & Co. Grip Case when I was in the States and after a week of extensive use I can honestly say this is the best gaming accessory I've ever purchased. I used a different brand before but this case is light years ahead. Buy one!


Started playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey over the weekend and have already put in 10 hours. I'm beyond impressed. It's basically The Witcher 3 Greek Edition and I mean that in the best way possible. Kassandra is best girl!


Here's my roster thingy.


Love the new song/video from Aesop Rock. Got a Robert Crumb, Garbage Pail Kids thing going on. Looking forward to the collaboration album!


Just found out that the postal service will be closed next Friday only in Milan for a holiday that's only celebrated in Milan. Means I might have to wait till the following Monday to Smash... Boooooooooooo!


They say there's no original ideas left in films. I don't believe that. What's your elevator pitch for a wholly original movie? An intense animated sports drama about sperm racing to the egg?


Gotta say I'm impressed with Civ Switch. Takes a little getting used to the controls but they work great. Runs really well too! So happy to be able to play Civ again! Anyone else playing it?


Back from the States. Had a great time and spent way too much money. I was doing so well on the backlog over the year and now just told it fuck you with a bunch of 100+ hour games (in comments). Hope you all had a great holiday. Here's a pic of my turkey!


I'm heading to the States tomorrow for my sister's wedding, to meet my newborn niece, and the greatest holiday ever, Thanksgiving. On the off chance I need a day to escape family any of you in the Jersey Shore area or NYC up for a beer/coffee?


My buddy turned me onto this band last week. Great stuff and a very varied album ranging from black to doom to melo-deth. FFO Panopticon, Wolves in the Throne Room #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


RIP you wonderful wonderful man. Thanks for the imagination!


Finished Alien:Isolation over the weekend and oh boy what a fun ride that was. Definitely in my top tier of favorite horror games! Can't believe I waited so long to play it.


Happy Friday! Have a day! What's your favorite fruit based video game power up?


Been obsessively listening to this band all week. Love this song and video so much. It makes me happy. Idk why but I think this may make Occam smile and nod. FFO The Muppets


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