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What are your Halloween games this year? I finally took the shrink wrap off RE7 (and loving it so far) and just finally bought Alien:Isolation.


Happy Friday all! Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!


Anyone else having more fun with collectables and side stuff than the main campaign in Spiderman?


Another one off the backlog! Finished MGS5 and enjoyed it. It was obvious there were development problems as a lot of the experience felt disjointed which made an excellent story fall flat for me. Gameplay was outstanding though. RE7 next!


Floki has seen some shit! Such horror! Happy Monday all!


Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


Oh! Well that's a nice little surprise. A small DLC for Darkest Dungeon popped up on the eShop. Time to dive into madness again!


Why yes papĂ , I am going to destroy everything you love and you will still love and adore me. :)


Since watching the trailer I've been speaking to my wife like the old guy from Pet Sematary for the past half hour. I think she's on the verge of strangling me. :D


The new Behemoth record is great. Not as amazing as The Satanist, but still one of their strongest releases. As always their videos are delightfully chock full of Satan and are fun to watch. Mildly NSFW. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Sorry (not sorry) for the double Witcher post, but I was thinking, what game do you feel is poised to be the most influential game of this generation? I'm thinking Witcher 3 as it shows how to craft a believably 'living' world.


An even more faithful adaptation of The Witcher found on PornHub :P


Cool rumor: PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS1-4. That would be amazing if true! Source (in Italian, sorry): https://multiplayer.it/notizie/playstation-5-retrocompatibile-ps4-ps3-ps2-ps1.html


I'm really digging Spider-Man. The combat is more challenging than I was anticipating. Love the locomotion. Got me thinking, I hope Sucker Punch eventually make another Infamous game, which Spidey heavily reminds me of, after Tsushima.


What a great day! I enjoyed the game convention, bought Spidey cheap, and the new Coheed album is out-fucking-standing!


Got to play a demo of RE 2 Remake. Holy shit get hyped! Fucking insanely good. Has potential to be the most scary game ever.


An art exhibition dedicated to David Cage. Very emotional! Highlights of what I've played are Smash Ultimate (holy shit is it amazing) and Starlink (aka the real Star Fox). Tried Decerine and was rather let down, it was a pickpocket simulator.


Going to the Milano Games Week Convention today. I only have a couple hours to check it out. Hopefully I get to see/buy something cool or get a neat pic. Have a great weekend you lovelies!


Apparently November PS Plus games have been leaked as Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm! If so, what an amazing month! Source:Eurogamer


I'm really enjoying my playthrough of MGS5 but 2 things are really annoying me. Why can't I use the helicopter to fast travel like on Mother Base and why are the menus so damn slow!


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