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Control is weird. I like the gameplay so farand it's a pretty game, but the writing is so far up its own ass it could make Kojima blush and barely an hour in I wish it had a setting to shut Jesse the fuck up. I've been on LSD trips that were more coherent


The First Person Shooter choice makes me think Sony's smoking crack but otherwise, yeah. Sounds about right.


Donut County is an absolute joy


My quick thoughts on the Series X after a few days: The hardware is fantastic. The loss of loading times is a thing I love way more than expected. BC improvements are great, too. Gamechangers, in some cases. MS just needs to deliver new games, now.


Gave No Man's Sky another spin to see that Next Gen patch in action and uh... Wow. Also, this


Oh look what showed up today


Is it February yet? Asking because that's around when I should be getting my Series S I ordered through Walmart and I'm kind of excited to get it now. I was doubtful at first but everyone I know with one loves it. Plus, it's cheaper than a Switch here!


Rise might not look as nice as World but if the demo is any indication this is going to be my favorite Mon Hun game yet.


If any of you guys are in the DC area, please be safe.


Strating cyberpukn 2077 ph'nglui baes ps4 today atfer finally dowlnaoding teh limek 45 gb updtaes. Juts Y' ph'lloig smoe uh'e ph'nglui reviews gonig nuts cahf hey ah convesrations adn selecting l' tlak l' uh'e ah l' seemless ng vulgtmnahor thne usula pre


It's 1 AM on a work night and here I am, on the toilet, paying for the sins of Christmas past...


My game of the year is Hades. Honorable mentions got to Bottle of Rum and Bottle of Scotch. All had amazing replay value.


First PS5 restock on Walmart and EB canada since launch. They learned absolutely nothing in stopping scalpers. RIP getting a PS5 anytime soon.


Remember to always start your week off with a nice, balanced breakfast!


Doing another stream for Extra Life. Some Ys 8, link in the comments. Feel free to drop by anytime!


Thank you to everyone that dropped by, however briefly to the stream. I know paradox games aren't always the most engaging to watch but it was fun having my deviant tactics on display for charity. We'll do more throughout the month on less crowded days!


And we're live! https://www.extra-life.org/participant/440274 https://www.twitch.tv/renaudb90


My Extra Life stream will be starting a bit later than expected, but we'll be on at 3 30 Eastern if no further delays happen!


I've run into some technical issues but I was able to at least get streamlabs sorted out enough to say that I'll be hosting my first ever Extra Life stream this Saturday, featuring Crusader Kings 3 shenanigans! Who even needs overlays and transitions?!?


I'm thinking of trying my first ever Extra Life stream this Saturday. I'm thinking either RE Revelations, which I have never played through in full, or Crusader Kings 3 antics but I can't make up my mind.


NISA and Sony holding a master class on why digital-only PS5 is a horrible idea today. Fuck both of them.


Almost time for Cold Steel 4. That cliffhanger from 3 still hurts...


Now this was a good bagel


And that's Genshin uninstalled. It's not bad, per say, but the multiple layers in the currency system confuses me and a bunch of other annoyances are making it hard to really enjoy. It also kind of runs like shit on PS4 pro.


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