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It's Monday night. Have a shitpost!


Going back to play the Witcher 3 now that I've upgraded to a GTX1080. 4k sure makes this game look pretty!


90 minutes of public transit after work sure is intimidating when you ate bad shrimp for lunch.


Oh hey I still have 25 bucks from that prepaid card I wonder what to get from the xbox sale. So many games I haven't played befo-


I've given Assassin's creed a lot of shit over the years but Origins is a pretty good time. One you disable most of the Hud and the 100s of map markers Ubisoft likes to vomit out, that is.


Oh shit oh shit oh shit I stayed up all night meesing around with my new GPU and now it's almost 8AM and I have to work in an hour...


Blood for the 1080 gods! An offering for power!


Neymar's rolling and diving GIFs, while hilarious, sum up my lifelong opinion of the sport. Association Football is a joke.


What have I done... And can it be Tuesday yet?


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.


No Hector... But I can't be mad at this


Lesson of the night: when a friend from Trinidad gives you home made sauce, try it before liberaly sprinkling it into your fajitas. I can taste hell and I think I hear tge colour purple. I don't look forward to it's exit, either


And POTUS just officially called immigrants an infestation. Can't wait to hear his proposal for a final solution to the problem.


I think I've created a monster...


I'm liking Octopath Traveller's Demo. I'm really looking forward to next month.


Turns out I had enough gold points saved up to get Hollow Knight for free on Switch. Life's good.


"it is a good party game i guess, but why sell it like a flagship game?" Type of comment I've seen everywhere on Twitch today. Really? Why are they selling Smash like one of their flagship games? Gee... why do you think?


Awww yeah. Today was not so disappointing, after all.


Hmmm tempted to pick up Monster Hunter Worlds. Xbox one X or Ps4 Pro?


Imagine a Mobile Suit Victory Gundam HD remaster... Where the entire cast is replaced by minions. This is the world Torchman seeks to create. Are you a bad enough dude to stop Torchman?


Hahahaha I love Hideki Kamiya! NSFW in the comments.


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