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I'm trying to get back into MHW and I just can't. Missed all the timed events and cool loot, all my friends are in the 150+HR range and I'm still 9 since I played a bit at PC launch but waited after hoping they'd patch performance a bit.


So Deamon X Machina is a thing I need more of.


Beer is both broth and cereal.


I'm OK with Fire Emblem doing what it's doing for 3 Houses, and want to see more of the gameplay and map design since we barely got any, but I do hope they give old school fans a treat and give the Jugdral games the Echoes Remake treatment.


Gave Apex a shot, not really digging it. It needs a solo mode and the the free unlock method for the 2 locked characters feels way too slow. Decent gameplay though, and it runs pretty well.


Year 2 free seasonal 5 star roll is live in FE Heroes. I was hoping for Halloween Mia but I'm not unhappy with what I got!


Goddamn cloudflare defenses failed us again.


If you play FireEmblem heroes, be sure to log in and pick up a free random 5 dtar seasonal hero from year one. Anyone released before Jan 2018 is fair game. I got me this bad boy:


Nothing like working late on a Friday :/


I'm getting real tired of certain people's use of qtoid to just non-stop post political shit all the time. It's getting old. If you're gonna shitpost, make it something that lets us smile instead?


Just realized I forgot to put away a pack of yogurt I bought 2 days ago and it's been in a bag in the kitchen since monday.


Oof that side B on Piranha Plant is some nasty shit. 0 flinch or knockback but that damage adds up fast and the cloud just lingers.




I went drinking on hump day and need to see ber up before I go to bed and get a hangover. AMA


CrossCode on Switch? Fuck yeah!


I'm so happy Vesperia is as fun to play as it was 10 years ago! I do wish they would have either had Baker voice the new lines or replaced him outright tho. The new guy isn't bad, but clashing between both voices is distracting.


I gave Titans a lot of shit during its production and marketing but it's been pretty good so far. Some pacing issues in the first half of the season but other than that my complaints are minor for now.


Yes, yes we can...


Mana Spark on Switch is terrible on every level and wow I haven't hated a game this much in a long time.


I'm really happy Celeste is on XBox live's games with gold because I wasn't planning on playing it initially and that would have a been a crying shame, in hindsight.


Happy birthday to the crazy nut named Soulbow!


At least Galeem didn't get her?


And we're off to the races!


Someone's cheating on their girlfriend...


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