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The entire office had chili for lunch. This was a mistake.


I'd make a Steve Bannon cuck joke, but that's beneath me. Instead, I'll just sit here and laugh.


I'd make a Steve Bannon cuck joke, but that's beneath me. Instead, I'll just sit here and laugh.


So the ESA disagrees with the WHO on gaming adfiction. Big surprise, coming grom the puppet of major publishers like EA and Activision that rake in billions a year preying on those addictive tendencies. Oh Hai lootboxes!


Resolution for the year: Continue to fool everyone into thinking I'm not Morpho.


Found out today that my friends dog is in surgery right now and may have cancer. I can't have pets due to allergies but I love that dog to bits. It's been a rough day...


Tis the season to slip on some ice, hurt your back and miss your bus to work, apparantly! Falalalala, fuck winter!


Congratulations to Alabama for not electing a sexual predator to senate. (Not that it wasn't close. Thanks, you crazy evangelicals). And congrats to Trump for backing a losing candidate. I can taste the salt from here!


Xenoblade 2 is anime as fuck and I love it!


This is getting out of hand...


I was really hoping for Ayra, but it's really hard to stay mad at this.


Skyrim on Switch is a hell of a drug.


Seems like the best hat in Fire Emblem is coming to Heroes, and since he's going to be a tempest trial unit, no RNG bullshit is needed to get him.


I'll get rid of all those spiders in a jiffy. Just you wait!


What a time to be alive...


Just got my monthly lootcrate delivery. Not a bad haul!


Kaz... I'm already a friend.


The weekend is almost upon us. Hang in there!


Super Robot Wars is a garbage series that makes no goddamn sense. Also, Fire Emblem Warrios needs more sword fighters. #AnnoyTorchmanDay


Shitposting intensifies...


Oh hell no. Who buys this crap?


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