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I think I've created a monster...


I'm liking Octopath Traveller's Demo. I'm really looking forward to next month.


Turns out I had enough gold points saved up to get Hollow Knight for free on Switch. Life's good.


"it is a good party game i guess, but why sell it like a flagship game?" Type of comment I've seen everywhere on Twitch today. Really? Why are they selling Smash like one of their flagship games? Gee... why do you think?


Awww yeah. Today was not so disappointing, after all.


Hmmm tempted to pick up Monster Hunter Worlds. Xbox one X or Ps4 Pro?


Imagine a Mobile Suit Victory Gundam HD remaster... Where the entire cast is replaced by minions. This is the world Torchman seeks to create. Are you a bad enough dude to stop Torchman?


Hahahaha I love Hideki Kamiya! NSFW in the comments.


Konami, seeing the surprise success of the Switch and retro games sold on it, have finally realized and are going to give fans exactly what they've wanted all along at e3... A METAL GEAR SURVIVE PORT!


For the first time in 9 years, I'm back on XBox live! Add RustySteel777 for some butt touching nonsense. Or warframe, fortnight or anything on gamepass, really.


Picked up Vermintide 2 on Steam last night. If any of you ever feel like playing with a terrible noob, send RenaudB90 an invite!


I think Disqus thinks GDPR-level privacy protections means "Put a semi-transparant white wall in front of everything". Something Something we've updated our privacy policy etc. etc.


Thank you to John Bain for the good he brought into my life. The cooptional podcast never failed to brighten my mood, and his vids got me back into PC gaming, which in turn let me meet some of the people dearest to me in my life. RIP


Happy to say that the Switch Pro controller works great through Steam. A bit finicky to set up, but once you do it's fantastic!


Just finished the 4.3 Story quests for FF XIV. Such a good storyline that was! Can't wait to see what comes up next.


Welp fuck you too Microsoft. Apparantly being canadian means I can't buy Morrowind digitally because it refuses to acknowledge my Canadian payment method I set up and is trying to force me to buy with a US card."Change your region on your 360" WHAT 360?


Oh, my dedicated Morrowind machine came in. Neat!


1 more shift before vacation... Then a day of movies, a weekend fishing and a week of playing games. 👌


How is xbox one s backeards compatibilty? I know the X has great emulation, but I bever hear about the S and I may have a chance to snag one for $200 CDN. No One games I want, but a ton of old games I'd replay.


Oh wow this spambot reminded me I joined Dtoid almost 5 years ago!


1862 ish hours in FF XIV. In about 3 active years. Think of all the productive things I could have done with my life in that time!


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