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Oh wow this spambot reminded me I joined Dtoid almost 5 years ago!


1862 ish hours in FF XIV. In about 3 active years. Think of all the productive things I could have done with my life in that time!


I had a dream ehere Metroid Prime 4 was only announced for late 2019. But then we were given Prime trilogy HD to help with the wait. I was OK with this.


After a few hours of benchmarking and tweaking settings, I now have FF XV windows edition running at a locked 60 FPS. What a difference a steady framerate makes for this game.


Am I a bad person for really, really wanting to turn around and yell "Shut the fuck up!" to the lady behind me on the bus? 30 minutes of loud, uninterrupted vapid rambling. If there is a Hell I think I'm there.


My surprise timesink of the of the year goes to Attack on Titan 2. I went in expecting nothing. I'm now 35 hours in and still have a bunch I want to do.


Welp, was hoping for Olwen, Leif or Reinhardt but it's hard to be mad at an extra Hector.


I got drunk and sacrifices a Hector, Chrom and 5 Star Klein to make the best boy even better. I regret nothing.


For Torchman. The sick fuck.


Hot Take: I like ass and have nice video games.


Welp, I gave Eureka a solid week in FF XIV. It's shit. Gimme back the old relic grind. At least then I could multitask and level up other classes or get tomestones/savage clears in while working on it. Eureka's just a waste of time with shit gear rewards.


Had to leave work early after throwing up. Now is not a good time to be sick.


Never too early to get started on a good supper!


Spammers to the left of me, Scammers to the right Here I am STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU


Fuck HP printers. Their support sucks.


There's a special place in hell for whoever came up with the concept of inserting the clapping emoji between every word in a post.


It's days like today that make me respect our Mod team even more. Except Torch.


A team comp I've been messing around with the last few weeks. It's really fun to play as, and does alright for itself as a defensive team, too! Individual units in comments.


I have 6 missed calls from 6 different Mauritanian numbers since yesterday evening. They call, it rings once and they hang up. Now I'm actually curious as to what's going on.


Something about Beagles and the LaLiLuLeLo? The fuck is going on tonight?


Android 17 coming back to prominence is the best thing to come out of all of Super.


Got GAR Ike on my free pull fuck yeah!


Oh god. FF XII in 60 FPS doubles the speed of the video playback in the FMVs. Uh Oh


Oh hey Zodiac Age is out on Steam.


I think Wes is a pretty cool guy. Eh likes tacos and doesn't afraid of anything!


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