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The front page just keeps getting worse and worse. Autoplay vid ad, that abomination taking up the bottom third of the screen and I shit you not a second after I took the screenshot my browser warned me it had just blocked a pop-up.


So how long before Epic sues Valve for not having the EGS store built in as a default option for the Steam Deck?


The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced whoever designed the control layout for the Steam Deck is one of the cockroach aliens wearing loose-fitting human skin from Men in Black.


Years of insane, unsubstantiated and downright annoying rumormongering. Enjoy your "Switch Pro", fuckers! Hahahahahahaha


I've discovered something new about myself today. I'm a Faust main.


On July 1st, celebrate Canada Day by clubbing a baby Bidoof. Or two. Or all of them! A time-honored Canadian tradition.


I'm so happy about the Trails announcement! If you have any love for JRPGs, I still maintain that Zero and Azure as a duology are among the best stories the genre has to offer and absolutely worth it. Play the Sky games first, if you can, tho.


Montreal to the Cup finals with an OT win. Im so drunk but I'm so happy. 28 years since the last time. I was two last time we got this far. I need more drinks and or weed!


That was a pretty good Direct in my books. Metroid Dread looks interesting and SMT V has a release date!


Whoever edited the Gearbox presentation was on some drugs. Hat's off to the absolute legend!


Tried PSO2 NGS. Game lags to shit anytime it tries to account for another player, but is fun otherwise. Until it forces me into a quest to do something called a "PSE burst" with vague instructions that kept regressing the gauge I'm meant to fill.


I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning to clips of Logan Paul getting his face caved in by Mayweather.


Today was a good day. Assembled some furniture, made chili, had a beer and I feel like I could just doze off right about now.


Auto play front page vids, an autoredirect ad that sendd me to some scam win a prize site without me even clicking anything as soon as it loaded in... Yeahhhhh maybe I'm going to avoid the front page for a while when on mobile.


I don't usually post sports stuff around here but the Leafs dropping that series lead is such classic Leafs I can't just let it go.


Coming from someone with Zero dawn on PS4 and PC who's never finished it on either because I get bored mid-playthrough every time, I can't say this new footage is doing much to hype me up so far.


So I spoke too soon after yesterday's shot. After feeling fine most of the day I was sick all night with a fever and couldn't lift my arm enough for work. But after spending most of today sleeping it's like it never happened. 2nd dose should be "fun"!


Got my first shot. Arm hurts, everything else feels good so far. Beautiful day for a walk, so I took the scenic route back home from the clinic.


Managed to get the geofront patch set up for Trails from Azure. Replaying the intro between this and the old fanpatch is like night and day. Might be in the mood to replay both Crossbell games, now. Just need to find about 200 hours to spare.


A small vigil in Ul'dah on Adamantoise in Miura's memory. There was a dozen of us this morning and it just keeps growing.


Finally wrapped up Cold Steel 4. I have some issues with that story arc, mostly some nitpicks with some of the writing (pacing, Rean is kind of generic in the first two games, etc.) but damn if that ending didn't have me shed a tear or two.


I know we're not even halfway through the year but Capcom's got two strong contenders for my GOTY already. Which reminds me, I need to play more Rise once I get a bit more time in with Village.


I think I made the tall lady angry. Help!


Stayed up late to play some RE Village. Got through the intro and up to the first save point, taking my time a a bit. The demos didn't do the game justice, I'll say that much. Haven't had an intro to RE put me on edge this much since RE4.


Christ, so apparently wanting a reliable suspend option that lets people shut off their PlayStation or play something else on their 500 dollar allegedly cutting edge system without losing their run is "catering to the casuals" now.


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