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That new Bayonetta design is so pretty I just love, love love it!


So I'm hearing NTWEWY is coming out on PC late next year?


Happy Birthday, Soulbow. How did you live to be this old with so much GFuel in your bloodstream?


Almost 3/4 of the year has already passed us by. What have your favorite games been so far? What do you still have to look forward to that you think has a shot at your favorite of the year?


Happy Birthday, Fuzunga!


So I stayed up until 3AM playing Tales of Arise. Is work a living hell today as a result? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely.


Just bought Tales of Arise on my Series X. Man, buying a cross-gen game here versus doing so on PS5 is like night and day! No multiple store SKUs, no weird upgrade fees. Just "here's your game,you have the One and Series version, install whichever u want"


That Tales of Arise demo has me excited for a new Tales game for the first time since maybe Xillia. They finally have a fun combat system again after something like 3 entries of garbage and the visuals are super nice!


Just watched the Digital Foundry vid for the PS5 upgrade of Ghosts of Tsushima and wow that upgrade fee is a fucking scam for what they give you. Just do yourselves a favor and stick to the free upgrades on PS4.


Two weeks sice I got my second dose and it's a beautiful day. Thinking I might go out, have breakfast and go for a long walk. Feels pretty good.


Playing with randos in Unite makes me want to throw my switch out of a window. 8 straight losses thanks to one guy each match just walking to the enemy base and dying over and over again instead of playing because someone else took their main.


Got my second dose. Also have the week off, so time to catch up on the backlog as I use the "it hasn't been 14 days yet" excuse to still not go out.


The front page just keeps getting worse and worse. Autoplay vid ad, that abomination taking up the bottom third of the screen and I shit you not a second after I took the screenshot my browser warned me it had just blocked a pop-up.


So how long before Epic sues Valve for not having the EGS store built in as a default option for the Steam Deck?


The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced whoever designed the control layout for the Steam Deck is one of the cockroach aliens wearing loose-fitting human skin from Men in Black.


Years of insane, unsubstantiated and downright annoying rumormongering. Enjoy your "Switch Pro", fuckers! Hahahahahahaha


I've discovered something new about myself today. I'm a Faust main.


On July 1st, celebrate Canada Day by clubbing a baby Bidoof. Or two. Or all of them! A time-honored Canadian tradition.


I'm so happy about the Trails announcement! If you have any love for JRPGs, I still maintain that Zero and Azure as a duology are among the best stories the genre has to offer and absolutely worth it. Play the Sky games first, if you can, tho.


Montreal to the Cup finals with an OT win. Im so drunk but I'm so happy. 28 years since the last time. I was two last time we got this far. I need more drinks and or weed!


That was a pretty good Direct in my books. Metroid Dread looks interesting and SMT V has a release date!


Whoever edited the Gearbox presentation was on some drugs. Hat's off to the absolute legend!


Tried PSO2 NGS. Game lags to shit anytime it tries to account for another player, but is fun otherwise. Until it forces me into a quest to do something called a "PSE burst" with vague instructions that kept regressing the gauge I'm meant to fill.


I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning to clips of Logan Paul getting his face caved in by Mayweather.


Today was a good day. Assembled some furniture, made chili, had a beer and I feel like I could just doze off right about now.


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