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And that's the entirety of Halo 4 on Legendary in one setting. I now welcome the sweet embrace of death.


I'm glad I gave Apex a second chance. 3 wins in 2 nights and a lot of nailbiting top 3-5 gunfight losses. It helps that Frosty carries me!


I need help settling a debate at work. If someone swallows, are they still vegan? I say no.


I will be on vacation 9 hours from now. Time to tackle the backlog! *Plays nothing but free to play shooters*


Seeing GM slowly unravel as he picks the perfect catboy/bunnyboy is a magical sensation.


Tonight I discovered that I am the real monster.


With Game of Thrones only a few episodes away from the end, I figure I'd list my biggest pet peeve with the show: The showrunners ruined Stannis as a character. The Martells are a close second. What's yours?


So I slipped in the shower this morning and hit the back of my head on the corner of the window as a result. Con: Concussions are no fun. Pros: It could have been worse. Also, brain damage made me better at Siege.


Any reason Dtoid keeps logging me out since yesterday? Having this issue on PC and mobile.


T Minus 10 minutes for endgame


Here's to you, you wonderful people! Have a great weekend and, if you have to be at work, may it go quickly and quietly!


My right knee just kinda gave out on the walk to work this morning. No pain, but I can barely put any weight on it right now or I'm just gonna fall.


OK with the amount of love they put into Joker for Smash I refuse to believe a switch port isn't somehow around the corner.


I think I'm done with FF XIV, at least for a while. My FC is basically dead , Eureka is terrible and I spent all of SB failing to get a single drop from any high end fight in PF attempts.


So apparently the Hellblade Switch port is very, very good. I may have to look into that one.


Siege tonight? Siege tonight.


Now all we need is Soulbow but actually good at Siege.


Sekiro sure seems like the Dark Souls of Nioh clones!


We live in a world where Microsoft is bringing Xbox live and their 1st party titles to Switch while Epic tries to become the PC gaming monopoly people accuse Steam of being. It's like we're in Bizarro world.


Workday's almost over. I need to empty my brain after this one. Siege, anyone?


New Splatoon 2 demo gives a 20% discount on the full game, progress carries over AND you get a free 7 day online trial even if you've had other free trials before. This also gives you Tetris 99 access if you want to try it out. Not bad.


Ahhh yes, the Monday after St Patrick's...


I know we joke about Siege a lot, but it's rounds like these that keep me playing. 4v1? No problem!


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