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after 16 years of waiting, if beyond good and evil 2 turns to shit, Kena will do.


my new pic happened in real time when i saw all that g-fuel


a new full blown nintendo direct AND rush limbaugh is dead


thank you all for helping me out with the game trailers project for school


I'm looking for funny/interesting game trailers for an assignment for school. What video game trailers stand out to you? Besides No More Sky.


yo i found a version of devil's crush's theme that simply cannot be topped. check the comments


gamestop's stock is worth 350 USD a share or about 22 bucks in store credit


I'm going to post this remix again because it does such justice to both games


An amazing interview with Reggie in the comments.


Code for Battlefield 3 in the comments


heard good things about these two. had to be done


this song really is the best case scenario, but what takes it over the edge for me is the industrial hammer sound. just perfect


this video is on point: Top 10 Obscure RPGs That Need A Port


can’t stand kingdom hearts, but that ff7 remake is super decent. just finished it today.


whenever i hear someone say there’s too much ‘politics’ in gaming


just checked my nintendo account, turns out the game i played the most was myself