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the voice is a younger version of this. we've come full circle


the ereader had no business having this credits theme, or credits at all for that matter


i'll put l'orchestre de jeux video up against anything. do yourself a favor and check out their channel


i've been seeing relationship issues on this forum, and i just wanna say that you're all decent people and deserve the best. keep working on your best self and the right person will follow. that is all


mannnn... i want this to be great. quantum leap was the only sci-fi-y thing i liked back in the day (i've very recently warmed up to star wars)


sometimes i think of games like saint's row, cyberpunk or anthem, and think, what a waste of assets


steins;gate is a video game first to me


idk something tells me that multiverse smash clone is gonna pop off


i decided to not get the steam deck, however


oh god the Steam Deck reservation email just came through and now i have to take it seriously


underrated: convex A and B with concave X and Y. wish I could buy a solid controller with these buttons for my consoles!


Here's a demo I had the pleasure of producing. Ignore the jank and the questionable wwise implementation. Have fun with it. Link in the comments


it's time: we need a bloodstained sequel


NVGR: what ever happened to the conservative value of leaving people the fuck alone?