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finally got around to playing Lost Odyssey, but what in the world is going on with them bosses?? hard as hell


so catherine full body. surprising! ... could it be a hint of what's to come???


ay feel free to add me on xbox live - chrisbradshaw23


i am so happy that game pass is a thing during coronavirus


is it weird that i find the 300,000 dollar sale price to be kinda low?


wow the free games being given out lately have been fire! sonic generations, ac syndicate, shadow of the colossus, shantae etc. plus kh3 and yakuza 0 just showed up on game pass!


now knowing how great the xbox randomly became at the end of its life span, i kinda wish i spent a bit more and went with x instead of s

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Ninja's Theory: Is it 'just' a game?

[Uber-popular Fortnite streamer Ninja set a cat among the gaming pigeons several days ago with his comments regarding how players react and respond to defeat in games. In this community blog, Destructoid reader Chris Bradshaw weighs in with...


not enough is being said about how great this xbox series x controller may feel in the hands


this, to me, is the theme of va-11 hall-a


my cat was watching the whole time i was fishing in the game


the gamer in me says that PS5 is a no-brainer but there's something about Xbox and Phil Spencer that makes me want to put my chips on Xbox Series X for next-gen


add me on Twitter https://twitter.com/braaadshawtv


Number 4 of the Platinum 4. You heard it here first


Damn! Just beat Steins;Gate Elite on Switch. PLEASE let me know if you know any other candidates to possibly follow this up


I know it's ridiculous but I want Jade from Beyond Good and Evil for Smash


Wow turns out there was an unused download code still in the box of my refurbished Xbox for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


wow I discovered a hidden Nintendo game and now you have too. I had no idea that this was a thing


So... I'm buying an Xbox One again. This is the third time I've been flip flopping on this system but Game Pass was a major factor. (And Ori). The last time I owned (then sold) Xbox One was 2015, apparently a lot has changed in 5 years.


I'm watching it happen but it almost makes no sense. Where's the third hand


Every time I look up this game I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m looking at. I just bought it from Amazon though because I’ve had now two heavy duty gamers tell me it’s their favourite game of all time. Can I get some opinions on this game?


I'm happy to see that Microsoft recognized that the Japanese market doesn't really like boxy look of the Xbox One and adjusted their next console accordingly.


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Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One"Ripping and tearing into the season pass"


G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout"Stop all the downloadin'"


The Jackbox Party Pack 7"Something to distract you from 2020"


Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital"Two words: Izuna Drop"


Star Wars Squadrons"Need someone disintegrated? Get me integrated"


Torchlight III"An oversimplified sequel"


Super Mario Bros. 35"Limited limited-time fun"




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Logged into Genshin Impact to make some wishes with the lot I had saved up because fuck spending actual money on Pulled Keqing, that one character some dude spent two bands trying to get on the third round of wishes and all I could do was


I broke Orktober protocol so feel free to send the popo by my house later, but I finally stripped and primed one of my favorite models: The Reiksguard Captain! Everything else is still on track but Im teetering off right


Ive wasted my evening trying to make Yakuza Kiwami 2 work on my tower PC before giving up, so now Im slightly Hope you had a better Consoles still have a purpose

Dangus Taargus

Sly Cooper 2 is fun, but too damn The repeating level themes kind of kill it, and the mission design is great but too often padded with repetitive Im at the blimp level and feeling the Impressed with the gameplay variety


anyone like videogames?


Does he appear in a quest where the goal is to live stream video of kids in bathrooms?


I think Ill be pivoting my YouTube content to reviews and Tried doing up an Amnesia: Rebirth LP and found myself totally under a boo boo brain, unable to cook up any interesting commentary much of the Hopefully, in time, this will

Jordan Devore

Finally, finally finished the hard ending in Spelunky I had every item I could want - except zero bombs! - got poisoned and had 2HP, found a bomb box in the boss arena, and took it out asap with My nerves didnt hit me until the end


Todays dailysketch prompt was another draw a friends OC challenge OC

Punished Nietzsche

Seems like the guys at ID Software are fans of Korone! Nice easter



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