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Random thought: What the hell is Retro Studios working on?


Just had a dream where all the Disney characters heard all the shit I was talking about Kingdom Hearts and proceeded to kick my ass.


Looks like Quebec is getting the SNES Classic after all!


I used to think the XBox One had the best controller hands down, but over time, the Dualshock 4 has become my favorite for some reason.


So what do you think the chances are of a Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch unveiling by the end of the stream?


I think there's a good chance that Travis Touchdown will finally make it to Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch.


Heads up, Trails in the Sky on sale on PSN.


Vita now has Danganronpa 3 and Secret of Mana to look forward to! I'm surprised that there's no Switch port though.


I would say that there would be a very good chance that the complete FFXV game will be on Switch.


But we apparently have Nintendo Switch in full stock! I love this province.


Can I shamelessly take advantage of Dere's post and add you guys on PSN?


Which of these LONG overdue RPGs should I finally complete after I'm done Final Fantasy VII? Cast your vote in the comments.


What Happened After

 Warning: The blog is long and rough. If you want to understand some of its context, please read "Thinking Out Loud".  My manager at the time threw his hands up in the air and told me, "Look it wasn't my decision and I don't...


Just beat I Am Setsuna. I leave wishing they made a remake of this game. They simply didn't do the vision justice with the tools they were using.


I sense a PSN Flash Sale coming this Friday. I saw it in a dream.


It's clear Sonic Mania is doing everything right


A big thank you to Kevin and everyone else for the kind recognition. I have been going through a lot lately, and this was greatly appreciated.

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Random-ass thoughts about controllers

[Mr. Bradshaw takes us back in time to the distant past, before the Nintendo Switch released, in order to compare the pros and cons of the modern controller design. The year was 2016 and there were three major consoles locked in an ete...


I know someone else already posted about this, but I'm glad that I lived long enough to see Chemical Plant from Sonic 2 in 1080P running at 60FPS. (at 1:50)


I wish Sony would rip off Nintendo for the 80th time and make a Playstation Classic console. Think of the line up on that beast.


I regret to write that due to my limited budget and limited availability, I've come to the conclusion that I can't get the Nintendo Switch this year. That being said, I've just ordered the interesting GCW-Zero instead and I can't wait to play with it.


I haven't played a game this much since Melee


About Chris Bradshawone of us since 5:16 PM on 02.06.2008


There are too many Chris' in the world so just call me Bradshaw. That name will either delight you or annoy you, depending on how you find me.

I am unconventional at a minimum and a total shit disturber at worst. I love it when thing work wonderfully and when they go absolutely wrong. I love flying as close to the sun as possible and I love dissecting every last possibility about gaming until it hurts.

I can't stop having the high that video games give me. To me, they're better than anything I've drank, smoked or fucked. I would die for them tomorrow. They honestly mean everything to me, I would be nothing without them.

So as much as you may find me offensive at times, read between the lines and tolerate it. I promise you that at a minimum, you'll think of games differently, enjoy them less, but love them more.


A good part of what I do is play as many video games as possible to have a good grasp on the medium.

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