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So I've have two broken PS Vitas. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice


You know what would be good? A No More Heroes 1-2 remaster on Nintendo Switch.


I'm not one to make a big deal about graphics usually, but wow, Horizon Zero Dawn is stunning.


Remember that post I made about the Vita and how great it was? Well mine just flew out of my hand, ricocheted couple time on my floor and landed in my cat's water bowl.


Played thousands of games, completed hundreds- the best gaming advice I can give anyone: Buy a PS Vita and it will surprise you.


I am very partial to this trailer. Detroit is doing subject matter that I've never seen before in gaming. It left me disturbed but in awe.


Here's hoping for a Final Fantasy VI remake against all logic


Went to my best friend's place for his birthday where he had a fridge full of beer and had just opened his SNES Classic gift from his girlfriend. This is what happened until 5AM


I really don't know why I'm so surprised that Super Mario Odyssey is doing this well.


I think Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has the potential to completely dominate the mobile space. Such a perfect fit for the franchise!


I'm bouncing around a few idea of what I'd want to write next for a blog. Is there any topic in particular you'd like to hear me cover?


"Ys remains in the shadows even to this day, but I think it holds higher promise for a great new release than even those Final Fantasy games. But I think it has this success because it remains there, just giving us the best they can without having to rush


This color. Sorry I'm just in love over here.


Mario Tennis Open on the 3DS catches a lot of heat for some reason but it's truly the best in the series in my opinion.


I find it weird that some people can be more offended at Bethesda than, you know, the holocaust.


The Nintendo 2DS XL is such a sharp clumsy looking handheld. I want one.


Finally managed to beat Ghost Trick. A true hidden gem.


299 Dollars for a Nintendo Switch or an Ataribox?


Random thought: What the hell is Retro Studios working on?


Just had a dream where all the Disney characters heard all the shit I was talking about Kingdom Hearts and proceeded to kick my ass.


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There are too many Chris' in the world so just call me Bradshaw. That name will either delight you or annoy you, depending on how you find me.

I am unconventional at a minimum and a total shit disturber at worst. I love it when thing work wonderfully and when they go absolutely wrong. I love flying as close to the sun as possible and I love dissecting every last possibility about gaming until it hurts.

I can't stop having the high that video games give me. To me, they're better than anything I've drank, smoked or fucked. I would die for them tomorrow. They honestly mean everything to me, I would be nothing without them.

So as much as you may find me offensive at times, read between the lines and tolerate it. I promise you that at a minimum, you'll think of games differently, enjoy them less, but love them more.


A good part of what I do is play as many video games as possible to have a good grasp on the medium.

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