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got one! Canadians, it's available at Best Buy if you're interested


and FINALLY Danganronpa comes to Switch. Such an obvious move. Almost as obvious as releasing Persona 5 on Switch.


this might sound like some superficial crap, but the fact that there's a committed little tribute handheld for Link's Awakening is very appealing to me


damn all this for a pancake recipe?


kind reminder (and yakuza like a dragon)


I’m kinda surprised we didn’t see anything about Final Fantasy 7 part 2. I guess the guardians of the galaxy looked kinda decent and I don’t even like Marvel


between the two showcases ive seen so far, i gotta give this one to sega


sure it may have been 17 years of waiting, but here’s hoping for beyond good and evil 2


i wouldn't be too surprised if Microsoft's mind-blowing E3 announcement is Game Pass coming to Switch


Random thought: why aren't all the old EA BIG games like NBA Street, SSX etc, part of EA Play / Game Pass? I'd love to play those again


renewed focus on Vita business moving forward


Did you hear? Fauci's emails got leaked and now the truth has been exposed about covid. anyway I'm getting my vaccination tomorrow.


my thoughts on pride month in the comments


Finally got around to reading, "Zelda: Breath of the Wild cured my media burnout". Incredibly well written.


I had no idea this woman existed. She wrote the music for Plants VS. Zombies, To the Moon, and made a collaborative album with Yasunori Mitsuda. What an absolute treasure. Please check out some of Laura Shigihara's videos on Youtube


impossible not to be happy listening to this


Logitech has made the same controller for 20 years and it totally does the job


amazing book. did not expect it to be told in first person


i'm waiting for nintendo to send a cease and desist to elon and snl to prevent that from happening again


[NVGR] - The Comfort of Inadequacy

If I could choose what race I could be, I’d be white. I’d have a good chin, red hair and beautiful blue eyes. They’d call me something like Mr. McBradly or something.    Not because I do...