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PS4 owners your console is at risk due to a malicious corrupt message being sent out at random. Go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Enter your password > Personal Info | Messaging, and set Messages to Friends


Preordered the Retrotink 2x to hopefully sharpen up all the classic games I have on the Wii. I don’t know if it’ll work but I may do a video review.


Just preordered Hollow Knight on my PS4. Can't wait to see what the hype is all about.


To my surprise I preferred Rise of the Tomb Raider even more than Uncharted 4 in the end. But when I look at Shadow of the Tomb Raider I can't help but feel that the conditions are right for an instant price drop.


Game Pass: No matter how many times I count Xbox One out, they always pull something out of their hat.


I’ve been asked out of hiding and will be on Twitch playing Enter the Gungeon with Gent (sober for once). Not sure how much I deserve the viewship, but it is appreciated.


I'm starting to think that Todd Howard is actually Peter Pan


I want stardew valley on Vita but it's never on sale.


I've been stuck on a blog for so damn long. I'm probably going to release the uncensored version through an alias.


WOW, I've made a huge mistake overlooking Xenoblade Chronocles X. The OST is one of the best I've ever heard in gaming!


Gravity Rush works surprisingly well on the Dual Shock 4! Super comfortable.


Heads up: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is on special on the PSN E3 sale. One of the best platformers I've played!


Just beat Danganrompa V3. That ending was groundbreaking


Nintendo is the most hyped as usual. I think Xbox will be the most interesting though. I have the feeling that Xbox is going to launch streaming on many platforms. Lastly, I have the sinking feeling that Sony is going to be too comfortable and boring.


I got too drunk and bought Horizon Chase Turbo


Finally getting around to Danganronpa V3 and just beat chapter one. What an intro!


I wanna play Bloodstained on Vita but I know the PS4 version is going to be the truest version of the game... I don't know.


I want another Horizon! Just looking at this game is one of my guilty pleasures.


Just wanna thank everyone for the feedback on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!


If you're into long winded rambling, I wrote another blog. It was hell to get running past the bot protection for some reason though. A couple images were messing it up for some reason.


About Chris Bradshawone of us since 5:16 PM on 02.06.2008


There are too many Chris' in the world so just call me Bradshaw. That name will either delight you or annoy you, depending on how you find me.

I am unconventional at a minimum and a total shit disturber at worst. I love it when thing work wonderfully and when they go absolutely wrong. I love flying as close to the sun as possible and I love dissecting every last possibility about gaming until it hurts.

I can't stop having the high that video games give me. To me, they're better than anything I've drank, smoked or fucked. I would die for them tomorrow. They honestly mean everything to me, I would be nothing without them.

So as much as you may find me offensive at times, read between the lines and tolerate it. I promise you that at a minimum, you'll think of games differently, enjoy them less, but love them more.


A good part of what I do is play as many video games as possible to have a good grasp on the medium.

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