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Starting a Twitter page. Feel free to follow me https://twitter.com/trbradshaw


Not even a huge fan of 7 but this game is exactly what it needs to be.


Not exactly a fan of Peter Molyneux but I earned a lot respect for him after listening to his experience in the business


Won't lie, I was nervous at first. Since the trailer came out, the hype is back!


Sorry for the absence, I'm just getting my life organized a bit.


PSA; Now would be a good time to pick up Danganronpa from that PSN sale


Question: I have a blog where derogatory and offensive terms are used because the topic itself has to do with them. Can an exemption to the automatic safeguards be made if the content is deemed inoffensive?


I find it funny that some people think Persona 5 can't come to Nintendo Switch because 'it's Sony's, it's always been Sony's'. Good logic.


The twenty games the Playstation Classic should have had imo.


What do you Nintendo has planned for The Game Awards? Because I think it just might be...


2018 was a weird year for memes. Moths, Pikachu, grapes and romaine lettuce


This picture is probably sideways, but I’m at the same bar with some of the same coworkers. It’s been almost a year and a half since I started at this gaming company. I look forward to telling you all about it in a blog. The good, bad and the ugly.


Loot boxes are going to be investigated by the FTC. The ESA says there’s nothing to worry about, I know first hand that this is a lie. But I’m not sure about the government’s wide reaching definition of loot boxes, potentially hurting creativity. Th


Looks like Sony has unveiled a cartridge patent! Could Sony be attempting a PS Vita or a Nintendo Switch alternative? What would it take to take on Nintendo in this space? Honestly, I'd buy it so quickly. Love the PS Vita.


People who are serious about retro gaming should give a serious look at the recent developments happening with the MiSTer FPGA.


I find it crazy that the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 is complete but they couldn't get the game out before Christmas.


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes guys, but my birthday is in December.


What game has left a serious impression on you? I've been looking around for another groundbreaking game ever since Danganronpa left a hole in my heart.


Damn! Tomorrow, Undertale seemingly has an announcement on the way and Thursday we'll figure out if there was anything to that smash leak.


If I were Sony and I couldn't lock down the rights to get Crash and Spyro, there wouldn't be Sony PlayStation Classic. That's the way I feel at least.


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There are too many Chris' in the world so just call me Bradshaw. That name will either delight you or annoy you, depending on how you find me.

I am unconventional at a minimum and a total shit disturber at worst. I love it when thing work wonderfully and when they go absolutely wrong. I love flying as close to the sun as possible and I love dissecting every last possibility about gaming until it hurts.

I can't stop having the high that video games give me. To me, they're better than anything I've drank, smoked or fucked. I would die for them tomorrow. They honestly mean everything to me, I would be nothing without them.

So as much as you may find me offensive at times, read between the lines and tolerate it. I promise you that at a minimum, you'll think of games differently, enjoy them less, but love them more.


A good part of what I do is play as many video games as possible to have a good grasp on the medium.

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