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this might sound crazy, but if quick resume isn’t a thing on PS5, Xbox Series X is gonna be my first next console. i have a feeling this feature is going to be game changer


this song commands the simon belmont strut


after danganronpa, ai the somnium files and steins-gate, im left with only one real option here


just discovered and beat this random game on game pass. how in the world did gato roboto get a 6.5??


i was playing the castlevania collection and i was amazed at how damn accurate it was. with that, i got to learn a lot about these emulation masters at developer M2


i had no idea that steamworld dig 2 was going to be that good. what an incredible game


there's a rumor floating around that microsoft might have absorbed sega as an another xbox game studio.


the PS5 controller looks like what someone in 2002 thought the PS5 controller would look like. That, or the controller to Nintendo On


hbd admiral. one day, we'll grab a drink


finally got around to playing Lost Odyssey, but what in the world is going on with them bosses?? hard as hell


so catherine full body. surprising! ... could it be a hint of what's to come???


ay feel free to add me on xbox live - chrisbradshaw23


i am so happy that game pass is a thing during coronavirus


is it weird that i find the 300,000 dollar sale price to be kinda low?


wow the free games being given out lately have been fire! sonic generations, ac syndicate, shadow of the colossus, shantae etc. plus kh3 and yakuza 0 just showed up on game pass!


now knowing how great the xbox randomly became at the end of its life span, i kinda wish i spent a bit more and went with x instead of s

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not enough is being said about how great this xbox series x controller may feel in the hands


this, to me, is the theme of va-11 hall-a


my cat was watching the whole time i was fishing in the game