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An amazing interview with Reggie in the comments.


Code for Battlefield 3 in the comments


heard good things about these two. had to be done


this song really is the best case scenario, but what takes it over the edge for me is the industrial hammer sound. just perfect


this video is on point: Top 10 Obscure RPGs That Need A Port


can’t stand kingdom hearts, but that ff7 remake is super decent. just finished it today.


whenever i hear someone say there’s too much ‘politics’ in gaming


just checked my nintendo account, turns out the game i played the most was myself


does anyone remember hearing about an indie game that was inspired by sonic adventure? i can’t find the name of it anywhere and it’s starting to feel like something i dreamed up at this stage.


the best part of cyberpunk bombing imo, is the price potentially free falling and picking it up for 27.99 in six months when it’s patched


microsoft wasn't playing when they said xbox series x would be backwards compatible


haven't played the game yet, but damn does this guitar come in with a vengeance


honestly makes me sick that people on this site have to go to a job at a time like this, catching covid 19. I hope whoever's exposed will take the time during their time off to start doing the paperwork to immigrate to canada next year. it's ridiculous.


Can you all point me to some indie games coming out in the future that you're looking forward to?


I'm getting news that the ubisoft montreal hostage situation was in fact a prank call//swatting.