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safe to say one of the best tracks in jrpg history


Heads up 2064: Read Only Memories is free on the Epic Games Store. Also, Siberia 1 and 2 are free on Steam.


Oh look, Xbox launched an N64 expansion too


The final FF7 Remake dlc where you fight Sephiroth, Donkey Kong and Michael Jordan


You know maybe they should have just ran with that Super Mario Bros 2 script


I already got no more heroes 3. what can nintendo possibly show me? unless...


wow. i did not expect the titanfall 2 campaign to be that good


what are some title screen themes you can just sit on? i just discovered Blood Dragon’s amazing title screen instrumental. Metroid Prime and the original Xenoblade come to mind as well.


I prep my browser for the Playstation Showcase and the first thing I see in the chat is, "SONIC GENERATIONS 2 LETS GOOO"


Heads up, Far Cry 3 is free on PC. Link in the description.


an amazing chat with one of the top people at retro


here's a very small game demo i worked on with a couple others for a game jam. link in the description.


lemme turn you on to one of the most hardcore gamers I've found on Youtube. Check her videos. Her knowledge and personal gaming collection blows my mind