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amazing book. did not expect it to be told in first person


i'm waiting for nintendo to send a cease and desist to elon and snl to prevent that from happening again


[NVGR] - The Comfort of Inadequacy

If I could choose what race I could be, I’d be white. I’d have a good chin, red hair and beautiful blue eyes. They’d call me something like Mr. McBradly or something.    Not because I do...


Literally how I read, "The longer this drags out, it will be less so. I can't think of a scenario where Epic doesn't get what we want"


i know this ain't shit to an up to date pc player, but i'm very happy that i get to experience assassins creed, dragon age inquisition and recore at 60 fps on series x now


this would be a smart move for microsoft. but the old man in me is bothered by the prospect tho. ff7, tomb raider, kingdom hearts exclusive to xbox? heresy; this is a playstation company.


Can I change the angry destructoid mugshot i got on disqus or is this just what i am from now on?


nvgr but i love this remix haha. the sound makes me want to call my parents and tell them they never understood me


just wanna put it out there that I love playstation, just not recently


it's crazy to think how dangerous playstation would have been simply embracing backwards compatibility and a game pass-like service like xbox.


Octopath Traveler for Xbox, amazing. Never felt super comfortable playing that game on Switch Lite


Happy birthday to Alphadeus. You're a talented individual and I hope you never stop pursuing your dreams


What I find so incredible about this song is how David Wise captures that low end background hum of the DKC2 SNES instruments while modernizing the track.


so it's safe to say that the ps plus line up is better than gwg