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game boy color lufia has no business being this majestic


I feel like I never truly played these Sonic games until FPS boost. I originally tried out Unleashed, Generations and All-Star Racing Transformed on PS3 and thought they were awful.


whoa have i been sleeping on the final fantasy mystic quest battle theme. this thing is like if megaman x, thunderforce 3 and super punch-out had a kid


i'm so tired of these goofy boilerplate statements about activison. which one of these platform holders are going to have the balls to delist activision's shit from their store until the predators step down?


i swear every time i read a headline with ninja, pewdiepie or any those high pitched no good clowns saying anything having to do with anything


that FPS boost on Sonic Generations is super key. Love this xbox console so much


I love a metroidvania with a solid level 1 track. let's go! This is something that the Castlevania GBA/DS games and Bloodstained also did well.


you wake up in 2002. the pandemic was a lie


probably the most underrated youtube channel I've seen


there came a point in my life where i stopped looking at the most critical game reviewers and started listening the fans of a particular game. i've noticed that the fans will sometimes show you the right light/context to look at a game with.


nvgr but holy shit i got such indescribable a sigh of relief watching jon stewart again in his element


safe to say one of the best tracks in jrpg history


Heads up 2064: Read Only Memories is free on the Epic Games Store. Also, Siberia 1 and 2 are free on Steam.