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the gamer in me says that PS5 is a no-brainer but there's something about Xbox and Phil Spencer that makes me want to put my chips on Xbox Series X for next-gen


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Number 4 of the Platinum 4. You heard it here first


Damn! Just beat Steins;Gate Elite on Switch. PLEASE let me know if you know any other candidates to possibly follow this up


I know it's ridiculous but I want Jade from Beyond Good and Evil for Smash


Wow turns out there was an unused download code still in the box of my refurbished Xbox for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


wow I discovered a hidden Nintendo game and now you have too. I had no idea that this was a thing


So... I'm buying an Xbox One again. This is the third time I've been flip flopping on this system but Game Pass was a major factor. (And Ori). The last time I owned (then sold) Xbox One was 2015, apparently a lot has changed in 5 years.


I'm watching it happen but it almost makes no sense. Where's the third hand


Every time I look up this game I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m looking at. I just bought it from Amazon though because I’ve had now two heavy duty gamers tell me it’s their favourite game of all time. Can I get some opinions on this game?


I'm happy to see that Microsoft recognized that the Japanese market doesn't really like boxy look of the Xbox One and adjusted their next console accordingly.


MAN... I loved AI: The Somnium Files game so much! I need more game outside the box like this. It's no Danganronpa, but it's absolutely an unforgettable experience. In other news, I'm also looking at Stiens Gate Elite. Any thoughts on that?


This song doesn't get enough attention. It's short, effective, and nails the JRPG forest aesthetic perfectly.


A whole new gaming platform is out right now called Google Stadia and you’d never know it.


You know, I would not be surprised to see Elma as a Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC


I hope that the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy randomly comes out on Switch so I can finally give it another chance


Man, I’m looking at that PlayStation Black Friday sale, but I know damn well that I ain’t gonna have the time to be playing anything on there unless I’m buying it for Switch


There's never been an example of game where I can't find the time to play it more than Xenoblade Chronicles X. What a soundtrack.


Can we take a second to acknowledge how well crafted the DS Lite was as a handheld?


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I am unconventional at a minimum and a total shit disturber at worst. I love it when thing work wonderfully and when they go absolutely wrong. I love flying as close to the sun as possible and I love dissecting every last possibility about gaming until it hurts.

I can't stop having the high that video games give me. To me, they're better than anything I've drank, smoked or fucked. I would die for them tomorrow. They honestly mean everything to me, I would be nothing without them.

So as much as you may find me offensive at times, read between the lines and tolerate it. I promise you that at a minimum, you'll think of games differently, enjoy them less, but love them more.


A good part of what I do is play as many video games as possible to have a good grasp on the medium.

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