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A Month of Sony; Wish List

I've been playing on my PS3 almost non-stop since I got it. I've amassed quite a few games for it (NO GAEMS, indeed) already, because there's a large amount already discounted heavily (or re-released in budget range), more so than even Wii ...


Wisdom from the Rising Sun

Whilst most of you will scratch your heads, shrug, and return to not-caring, I am back from Japan. Tokyo more precisely. It's a fantastic City, as busy as London or New York, but at the same time calmer. I love the place, even if I can onl...


A Cast of Thousands: Tormented

One of my all time favourite games is one that nobody bought, less played, yet for some reason everyone seems to love it. BGE Syndrome is what I call it, after the better known (yet equally neglected), Beyond Good & Evil. The game I love so...


Europes Wii Summer Release Schedule

I've just be trawling through a huge page on Nintendo's site detailing what we lucky Europeans will be getting on the run up to Christmas (Link). I am in awe, and not just at the total disregard for XHTML and CSS Standards; why bother putt...


The Start of the Affair: c64

Whilst Nintendo, and any quack can crank out a conglomerate of mini-games, propagating some new-fangled, patent-pending miracle cure for whatever ails you, 20 years ago, no one cared. In a dream like decade, where everything electric for th...


Where's my Baroque?

*I was angry when I started writing, then I relaxed upon switching from coffee to tea. But read on, if you will...* I know Nintendo of Europe are trying; 'working on it' you might say. But I really don't see the effort. The whole reason ...


Just Like Buck Rogers

I'm sure I'm not alone. A man goes on a journey, fulfils many fantasies, keeps many memories, makes many friends. And then, enough is enough. You realise you spent �300 upgrading your PC to play F.E.A.R. The last time I played on a console...


About JustLikeBuckone of us since 10:12 AM on 02.05.2008

I'm a PC gamer by nature, looking to see what's good on the console side of things (plus I'd rather not pay hundreds each year to upgrade). I love finding classic games, and will take any chance to tell you about an underdog.

I'm Currently Playing
PS3 - Mercenaries 2, Lair, Soul Calibur 4, SFII Turbo HD Remix
PS2 - Final Fantasy X, Digital Devil Saga, Haunting Ground
Wii - De Blob, Okami, Twilight Princess
VC - Donkey Kong Country

My Favourite Games
Planescape: Torment
Realms of the Haunting
Chrono Trigger
Shadow of the Colossus

I'm not a High-Def nut (Edit: Am now in High-Def, but won't go nuts over Brown and Gray, just yet), I think there's plenty of Low-Def stuff for me to catch up on for a good long while. So if you think I might like a particular game, tell me about it!