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Super Smash FNF: I can't let you do th- WAFFALU!

Hey there. There wasn't an overall wii post this week. I was too lazy to make it myself. If those other guys don't want to do stuff to put their shit together thats their problem. This is Smash Brothers, and that's all we need to be worry...


Wii FNF: Where did everybody go?

(sticks head in) Hello? Anyone there? Craineum isn't hosting anything this week... looks like its just us boys over here at super smash FNF this week. Sad news for you regulars, PsychoSoldier won't be joining us this week. The game wil...


Super Smash FNF: A Passionate Moment Between Two Warios

I know, all you people who don't come to Super Smash FNF never know what the hell I'm talking about with these titles. Thats more of the reason why you SHOULD join in tonight at 11:00 PM EST. You should also leave a comment with your bra...



Hey there everybody. We're back, in your blogs again with super smash FNF. Want to take part? Its the same as always, post your friend code here in the comments, add my friend code in your copy of brawl, and then add me on Skype and be o...


10 Things you might not know about ryu89

1. I'm deaf in my right ear. My left ear is a super bionic ear because of it. 2. I still have a Nintendo Power subscription even though its basically useless. What can I say, its a nostalgic thing. 3. I'm a computer science major and I h...


Super Smash FNF: Crocbox flipped that bitch

Hey everybody! We're back this week with more super smash bros brawl! We're going to run this the same as last week. If you want in, leave a comment with your brawl code, add me on skype and when its time to get going ill get you all ...


Super Smash FNF: The Unveiling

Hey everyone, welcome to the unveling of super smash FNF. Craineum has been running wii FNF for a while, and he covers a wide spectrum of games, and thats great. But lets be honest here, don't you just want to play some brawl? Well I d...


Ryu talks a genre: Horror

Welcome to the start of my new series: Ryu talks a genre, which for now should be the only other new thing before I start going back and forth between this and gaming memories, and the occasional monthly musings and Ryu has an impression...


Gaming Memories: StarFox

The memories of my early childhood are pretty blurry. Vivid memory of entire years only begin around late elementary school and early middle school. All the time before that is a disjointed mess. For example, I knew that at one point in...


Infinite Undiscovery: Ryu has a first impression

So I got this game yesterday, and thought that I should give some impressions on it since, as a short impression, I've enjoyed it so far. The long version is that infinite undiscovery is a decent RPG that isn't the greatest thing ever, b...


Feel The Hatred: The Sewer Level

Oh god. Where to begin. Sewer levels are never fun. They are the bane of my gaming existence and I want to know why game developers continue to make them the ballsiest, most difficult parts of their game TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Let's look a...


Instant Replay: Graffiti is Fun

Graffiti is art. It is also highly entertaining, yet illegal, and I (along with this game) do not condone the real life action of vandalism. So if you are caught drawing fancy letters on the side of a train, you're on your own pal. Wa...


A Cast Of Thousands: The Figaro Brothers.

Final Fantasy 6 (Or 3 for some of you jerks out there) isn't just a good game. It's a GREAT game. In fact, it's my 3rd favorite game of all time, behind Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time. Now you may be saying, "But Ryu, why don't you ...


About ryu89one of us since 12:28 PM on 02.04.2008

Current games i am playing: Darksiders II, Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v.05 beta, League of Legends (all day every day), Team Fortress 2.

Kind of obssessed with wrestling lately, but been a huge gamer forever and a day. Started out on an original NES action pack, mario bros and duck hunt combo cartridge woo! Been flying nerd status ever since.

You can catch me Every Sunday at 5:30 EST for 321gocast, the unofficial community podcast where we talk about games, movies, comics, anime, whatever floats our boat.

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