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Finally started playing the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm having a blast with the KH 1.5, the game is very nice, but boy... that Ursula fight was one of the most terrible experiences I had in gaming!


My last qpost just reassured my love for this community. Some of the most incredible persons from here came to comment and made me see I was just being negative myself. Long live dtoid.


The amount of negativity that people spread in the comments of 99% of the Dtoid articles is so sad... It always existed, but it's becoming worse.


I need at least one month without work just to rest enough to be only tired.


I had to workd today. I wanna go home and play more Yakuza 0.


The return to Eorzea hit me hard. Final Fantasy XIV has been my new addiction (and my backlog cries in pain). I'm having a blast with it. MMOs are games that I like a lot, and I can't stand WoW anymore. Btw, I'm Lythand Morea, on Excalibur.


Work is destroying me. Too much extra shifts this month, and almost no time to play anything... And when I play, I simply do not have enough energy to play the bigger games, like Persona 5 or Horizon: Zero Dawn. Now I understand the mobile games trend.


I bought Persona 5 for me as a Easter gift. My girlfriend gave me Horizon: Zero Dawn. I still have to finish Nioh. Got some friends who ask me why I don`t play Overwatch on the Xbox One with them anymore. I am working almost 80h a week. HALP


Almost 3 months later and I didn`t write my "introduction blog" yet. Oh well.


2017 should be the year I`ll abandon the lurker status and be more active within the Dtoid community. I hope.


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Rafael, trying to play some game while still trying to be a good doctor. Being a lurker at Dtoid since the end of 2014, now trying to, at least, write something now and then.

Even though, most of the time he`ll remain silent and enjoying the scent of blood permeating the ER.