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EPIC PAX POST!!! ...not really

It's late, I'm tired, and you should be sleeping. So I'll just post a couple shots tonight, more to come tomorrow, a lot more. Here's a couple shots to give you all blueballs until a full release tomorrow. BREAKING NEWS!!! [...


Mini Mr. Destructoid

I forget who it was, but whoever posted that link to like 50 or something good indie games, you rule. I love nikujin! The little naked ninja! So I made him into a little Mr. Destructoid!


Destructoid LA Family Heads to TOFU!

So this weekend a few of us are going out to Little Tokyo for the annual Los Angeles Tofu Festival! I'm not a huge fan of tofu, but just the fact that it's a whole festival just about tofu makes me want to go see. Also, apparently there...


Framing My Photos!

So found this AWESOME website called Photojojo where they got tons of easy/cheap/DIY photo projects. This was perfect for me since I got tons of shots but they are all just sitting here on my computer. And now that I have a photo printer, ...


A Close Encounter

So today I was at Casa De Tacos, eating a burrito (al pastor ftw). And this damn BIRD comes up to me! Jumps on MY table and jacks one of MY chips! WTF! It calmly hopped off my table and walks away right next to my car as it's "buddies" jo...


Picross is finally back! ...anyone?

What is Picross DS? Letís start with the logistics. Picross DS is a puzzle game on the Nintendo DS by Jupiter, the same people who worked on Spectrobes and a few other handheld games for Nintendoís lineup. I picked this game up when it wa...


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