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Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes. My Birthday turned out to be pretty good despite the rough start.


First event of my Birthday, Went to the ER to get some crap removed from my Eye. Hopefully the rest of the day is less eventful.


Got ahold of my Teeth Xrays over the years. Here's some before and after shots of me from 10 years ago and me from last year.


I may have missed Secret Santa, but me and Destructoids Very Own Ein decided to do our own Not so Secret Santa and he got me the Scott Pilgrim Box Set. Many thanks to Ein for getting this for me.


My Debit Card got fucked over again, all my friends and family are out of town, my plans to get a Switch fell through and I'm basically gonna be alone for Christmas. There goes hoping that this year will be better than last year.


So... I did miss the Secret Santa.... That really sucks... I've done it every year til now


Did we do a Secret Santa this year and if so can I still sign up for it?


That time Stan Lee dressed up as Revolver Ocelot.


So the cops showed up at my store today and escorted me out in front of my customers and coworkers in handcuffs because they thought someones stolen phone was in my car. Turned out it had gotten thrown under my car and they made zero effort to look for it


I know it's almost past Thursday and well past Halloween, but that doesn't mean I can't do a haunted #ThiccThursday


Happy Halloween. Sorry for being late, but I was too busy running.


I don't know why this made me laugh so much, but I was in tears from laughing after watching this.


Was gonna see Ozzy tonight but he cancelled at the last minute. Wound up at a bar only to deal with my dumb ass drunk friend and came home to find out Kavanaugh got inducted to the Supreme Court. So my day officially sucks, how's yours?


Just got back from seeing Slayer. Last Show of their Final tour here in North America. Glad I got to see them one last time. Actually got a bit choked up at the end. Thanks for 30+ years of tearing shit up with ear blistering music.


So this just happened. I've loved Cheech and Chong since I was a kid so this was incredibly awesome.


Haven't been around but that's because I was hiking around lake Tahoe for a few days. First time up there and it was absolutely beautiful. Almost wish I didn't have to come back, but of course I knew you guys would miss me too much...... right?


I'm sorry for everyone's poor experience at Whole Foods. At Trader Joe's, we understand your needs for solicited back alley sex, dildo maintenance, and air conditioning. Come on by for a true neighborhood shopping experience. #MyBattlefield


This came up on my Youtube recommendations and it made me think of Occams.


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