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I was trying to relegate my pics to the comments in my #ThiccThursday posts, but apparently some of y'all got some weird standards regarding Thicc Girls.


It's #Thiccthursday everybody. Let's celebrate Thicc Girls before the FCC takes them away. More in the comments.


Everyone keeps praising the Yakuza games so I decided to buy one to check it out and wound up buying Dead Souls. I think this was a bad place to start.


Bayonetta's new hairstyle confirmed.


Saw a family asking for money at the gas station and wound up giving them $20 for food and gas. I hope some karma comes back my way because I kinda needed that $20 since things are really tight for me as well. I sometimes hate that I'm too nice.


Happy Birthday Seymour


I had quite the dream last night. It involved Kevin Spacey, God and Chocolate. Full description in the comments.


Just in time for Thanksgiving, here's a recipe for Thanksgiving Jello Shots from my favorite cooking channel Henry's Kitchen.


GWAR closed with this last night. Appropriate given the sad news today. RIP Malcolm.


I did #Selfietoid yesterday, but here's one of me after I went and saw GWAR last night.


#Selfietoid No Snorlax's were harmed in the making of this Selfie.


I haven't been on here much. Feeling really "Meh" lately. Hard for me to want to get up and do anything productive. Just been in my room playing video games and guitar. Beat Resident Evil VII, Prey, South Park and Inside. Also it's #ThiccThursday.


Some real shit.


Had a great night last night. Went to go see a friends band and wound up at a Satanic Burlesque show. Here's a random drunk pic of me last night. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.


Korg is apparently gonna put their Gadget app on Nintendo Switch. I was already sold on wanting a Switch but this has me pretty stoked.


#MarioOdysseySpoilers I thought it was really tense when Poseidon shipwrecked Mario's boat and Mario's men were captured and devoured by the cyclops.


#Spoilertoid Daisy was actually the name of the Sled Luigi rode as a kid.


#ThiccThursday I think I got it now everybody. I just need to balance out my posts for everybody. (More in comments.)


#ThiccThursday Apparently even the pic I posted was too NSFW even though it hardly had any skin. That sucks. Apparently even thighs are too much for Qtoid. #Notsorry. So here's a sad panda instead. More pics in the comments.


Sad to see that John Dunsworth, the actor who played Mr. Lahey in Trailer Park Boys, has passed away. I'm gonna have a little Drinkypoo in his honor.


I've seen a few folks post for some AMA so I'm down for a bit of AMA also if anyone is interested. That said I also can't forget that today is #ThiccThursday


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