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Thanks a bunch to my Secret Santa aka TurboKill for the Animal Crossing Amiibo and a hard cover copy of one of my favorite Mangas. I had Nudes and Lewds at the top of my wishlist but this is pretty cool too.


Discord disabled my account for "Harassment or Cyberbullying" which is ridiculous. I've posted plenty of lewd and naughty things on there but banned for fucking this? What a crock of shit.


Happy Birthday Electric Reaper


So is there gonna be Dtoid Secret Santa this year? I fucked up the last couple years and missed it and I wanna make sure I get in on the action this time.


He was born a spoiled white child.


Happy Birthday Chris and Descruff


I wasn't gonna post anything today but a friend of mine spotted this up in Oregon and I had to share.


Rest in Peace to Sean Connery. I did a book report on Sean Connery in High School. He was an incredible actor and an overall pretty unique human being.


This is amazing. If you haven't heard of Jack Stauber then you should look him up right now. He did another piece for Adult Swim called "Shop: A pop Opera" that is also incredible.


I always have trouble with this


I voted but I didn't get a sticker so as far as I'm concerned it doesn't count.


Oh look... everyone's posting their trash waifus again. I thought I put everyone in their place during the previous Waifu War.


Rest in Peace to Eddie Van Halen. This was one of my favorite songs to try and learn on guitar. One of my biggest inspirations.


I'm glad I got a Flight Stick before they just vanished off the planet. Too bad Ace Combat 7 is a huge pile of shit.


Still at home in recovery for another month. AMA me.


Still sitting home with my jaw wired shut and now I'm glued to the computer waiting to see if I'm gonna have to be evacuated from my home from all the forest fires. Just can't get a fucking break.


One week down of having my jaw wired shut. Feelings....


Penises on your fingers or Testicles Hanging from your chin?


Youtube: "Don't put anything insulting, sexual, or disturbing in your videos or your videos will be demonetized from ad revenue." Youtube Ads: "HEY BRO! DO YOU GOT SMELLY HAIRY BALLS? WELL TRY THIS DUMBASS!"


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