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#wallpapertoid I've had this one for a while. Not sure what I wanna change it to next.


Very Sad to hear about Harry Dean Stanton. An incredible talent all around who was in a lot of my favorite movies and shows.


So JJ Abrams is coming back to direct Star Wars Episode IX. I don't mind JJ Abrams but I'd like to see someone different. The original trilogy had different directors so I was hoping that they would follow that. I was thinking Jon Favreau would be cool.


Good news, Got to see Primus and Clutch last night. Two of my favorite bands of all time and a hell of a show. Bad News, blew a tire out on the ride home and had to put the spare on at midnight in the middle of downtown oakland. Fun times.


#ThiccThursday I think it's cool when Cosplayers recreate famous scenes from video games.


Primus just released a new song. Sounds a lot like early 80's King Crimson. I like it.


Happy Birthday Hypno!!!


Just Saw SNES Classics went on sale and sold out right after I went to bed last night. Nintendo.... I love you, but right now just fuck you.


Forest Fire is almost out thankfully. Apparently some dickhead tried to fly a drone above the fire and almost ran into the Fire Copter and almost took it down. Fires pretty much contained now. Thanks for the comments of concern.


So there's a big forest fire basically right down the street from my house. So far we've been told to shelter in place but it's only about 50% contained and it started yesterday afternoon. Hoping it'll be contained by tonight.


I don't wanna wait til ThiccThursday to post this so I'm declaring today #TataTuesday.


I wound up in the Slam part of Youtube.


I believe Dere has taken over Isay Isays position as Destructoids king of witty puns.


#Cattoid Here's a pic of my cat Claw who's only got two toes on one of her feet.


I miss Glowbear. :( Also EverydayLegend, Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon, OpiumHerz, Reinhold Hoffmann, Kyousuke Nanbu, Liquid, crackedbat and all the other Dtoid regulars that have moved on.


#ThiccThursday I missed the last few weeks but I'm bringing it back with a vengeance.


Also if you haven't checked out GLOW on Netflix you should watch it. I <3 Ruth.


Had planned on picking up a few things in the Steam sale but ended up getting into a bit of Financial woe so all I picked up was Furi. Looks like Nier, Prey and Resident Evil VII are going on the Christmas list.


#Musictoid This one's been stuck in my head for the past few days.


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