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Booty Claps and Titty Slaps, it's #ThiccThursday again. More in the comments of course.


I had to take my car in to get serviced and there was a Barnes and Noble right next to the dealership. I got a Barnes and Noble gift card a while ago and forgot I had it so I decided to finally use it. Did I pick some good choices?


Hear that? That's the roar of Thunder Thighs for #ThiccThursday! More in the comments.


Jon Favreau is working on a Star Wars TV show. I've said before that I think he could do something cool with Star Wars and while I was hoping he'd make a full length feature, this is still pretty cool.


#ThiccThursday. I goofed last week and didn't post for Thursday so I doubled up the lewds in this edition. All in the comments.


It's my Dad's birthday today. He's been gone for 2 years now and I miss him every day. It's still really rough to think about but I've come a long way since then. Happy Birthday Dad, I hope you're proud of me.


It's #ThiccThursday but after my hiccup from last week I'll be keeping all the pics in the comments as requested by the mods. That said today is a Gif edition as requested.


The rare time you actually feel like going out and partying but you realize it's Wednesday night and all your friends are responsible adults with jobs.


Valentines Day Special.


Been really bummed and out of it lately and it's not because of Valentine's Day. Just been completely unmotivated and finding it hard to be positive. Sorry for the bummer post but just need to express a bit. A few more details in the comments.


Two truths and a Lie. 1: I have a condition that makes me grow extra teeth and have had over 20 removed. 2: I got suspended from school once for wrestling with a kid and putting him in a sleeper hold. 3: I lost my virginity to a woman from Craigslist.


Yay for another #ThiccThursday. Even when I'm down I can usually count on Thicc girls to cheer me back up. More in the comments.


Just remember sports fans.


#Shoutouttoid to everyone who faps to my #ThiccThursday posts. Wes in particular. I'd like to think that all the faps he gives is how many it takes him to get off. Furthermore, you could always follow me too and give me some fapping power.


Wes leaves the toilet seat up. He also drinks milk straight from the carton.


I love Brak


I'm not super into those Funko Pop figures, but this is one I think I need to get.


Happy #ThiccThursday. Once again it's time to get Down with the Thiccness. Moar in the comments.


It's #ThiccThursday but my internet is acting up so today is a small edition. A few more in the comments.


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