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This is for all of you who are playing MM2 and FFXIV ShB.


Just finished playing through Journey, again, it is certainly a Journey of emotions. Thankfully I was able to experience the game entirely with a single person. Man, this game gets to me every tine I play through it.


Looks like there is going to be a western made live action FFXIV series from the showrunners of The Expanse, I am not sure how I feel about it. They did a fantastic job in The Expanse, so I am mildly hopeful. we will get live action Viera though.


So far i have really enjoyed Shafowbringers, well, what little time I could spend before I had to go to work. I look forward to being able to soend more time with it.


I did indeed start having issues with my new 4K TV, but thankfully it is covered under warranty, and they are sending me a new TV as a replacement. Even better it is going to be their new 2019 model instead their 2018 model.


I just met a game developer who works for Gearbox and is one working Borderlands 3. I work at an airport, i saw his shirt, it had the gearbox logo on it. I had asked him if he was excited for borderlands 3, and he said that he has been working it, so yeah


I have become a huge fan of Nintendo's newest waifu.


Finally picked up a PS4 Pro, it is used, and I traded in my PS4 slim, but I finally own one. Looking forward to taking advantage of the extra features in FFXIV.


#catoid here is a pic from when one of my cats wanted my attention as i was trying to sleep. It slept with me all night. I usually have one of my animals in my bed at any given time.


I am in the Mario Kart beta, and my impression on the game is this, you are better off with MK8D if you own a Switch. If not, there is always Crash and Sonic team racing.


Me: man, I need to deal with my game backlog. Also me: I'm gonna farm doggo mounts in FFXIV.


Finally managed to get HDR enabled on my TV, and oh my god the picture quality change is dramatic. It ested several games and films, watching Your Name right now, it looks amazing.


I have been playing DOOM in the hardest difficulty, it has sent me to Hell and back, it is hard as Hell.


I saw John Wick 3 last night, all I can say is that is was awesome, and i can not wait for the fourth film.


I just bought a "new" TV from Wal-Mart, it is one of the display ones, so i got it on the super cheap. 4K HDR samsung smart TV. Awe yeah!!!!!


#musictoid this js one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite singers, Origa. She passed away far too soon. The song is from the anime Fantastic Children, I highly recommend it.


I took my mom to Busch Gardens for mother's day and tk meet Guy Harvey. We bought a print for his autograph and had our pucture taken with him.


Taking my mom to Busch Gardens for mothers day today. They are also holding a Guy Harvey event here too, i am gonna attend that.


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