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UPDATE: I just got out of the interview, I HAVE THE JOB!!!!!!! Currently at a job interview with Delta Airlines, wish me luck!


Quick Detective Pikachu PSA, if you scan the QR code in the trailer that is on the train ticket with one of the 3DS pokemon games, you can get a Pokemon.


I genuinly believe that Fallout 76 is a really cool idea that was horribly implemented. The idea of a multiplayer game about having to rebuild after the war is great. They just made it terribly, sadly.


I hope you anime fans dont pass up my personal underapprociated series of th season, Money Pitch (Gurazeni). The series is about a pro baseball left handed pitcher. It is an adult series about adult problems, I highly recommend it.


Fuck Antifa, no better than the "fascists" they claim to be against. Dont fignt fascism with fascism.


{edit} his channel is back up. I dont care about your ideology, but some people need to take a joke. This guy was banned from YouTube for killing an NPC in the game RDR2 as a joke. Now he is a martyr for the anti feminists/SJW's to rally behind.


I voted, and voted independent. Fuck the dems, abd fuck the republicans. Neither represent my interests.


You know, Yasuke would be a really cool protagonists to explore in something. Video game or tv show, something.


i highly recommend giving this channel a watch, especially if you want to find some great anime films. also, any reason to plug a Satoshi Kon film.


booting up No Country for Old Men, i have heard good things from it. and i had no idea that it was a Disney film till i saw the opening splash.


For you RDR2 players, here is a great video for same quick early game cash.


I have to say, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a far better RPG than Skyrim and Fallout 4, and it technically isnt an RPG.


I just picked up Napping princess, so far i am enjoying the fipm, it is so adorable!


I know that Rockstar said that they were done bringing in big name movie stars into their games. But i think bringing in Robert Duvall and/or Sam Elliot would have been wholly appropriate for Red Dead Redemption 2.


i just found out that one of my favorite anime films, In this Corner of the World is getting an extended edition. basically they are adding in scenes that had to be cut due to budgetary constraints. i am greatly looking forward to seeing it complete.


because my sister is home, i i am going to take my family to Busch Gardens, i can't wait! i plan on writing a full blog with tons of pictures within the next couple of days. i haven't done anything like this in so long, i am so nervous.


i can't fall asleep... i haven't slept in two days... i am too excited for going to Sea World for the first time. i hope i have the guts to ride the rides, and hopefully i can get to sleep soon.


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