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i just got back from the job interview at the Circle K near me, and i basically have the job! just one more interview with the branch manager, and i can start working soon enough.


I have a job interview set up for tomorrow at a local Circle K, wish me luck. also, here is a bunnygirl from one of my favorite series, Overlord, with series artist, So-Bin. i love the gothic style of the art and i have a book idea that is perfect for him


with all of the birthday greetings as of late, where was my birthday greeting back in August?


i just finished AC IV and all of the DLC campaigns, i enjoyed it greatly. hopefully i can check out AC Rogue at some point.


I have to recommend this anime, March comes in like a Lion. it's a drama series animated by studio Shaft and directed by the same director of Monogatari, Akiyuki Shinbo. seriously, it's probably one of the best drama anime/manga series i have seen.


i have to say, the HD REmaster of RE:REmake REmastered is definitely one of the more impressive remastered games i have ever seen. though, i have heard good things of the FFXII remaster.


hey fellow 2B fans, you can preorder Neir Automata sound track on Vinyl on the S-E store. https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/460234/nier-automata-original-soundtrack-vinyl


Proof that Japanese dubs can be as rocky as any dub in any other language. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/answerman/2016-02-26/.99020


i just found out about Sucker Punch's new game, Ghost of Tsushima, from a movie podcast... i haven't seen anything about the game from any of the video game podcasts that i follow, that disappoints me.


i went to try and get my Switch and 3DS back today, i couldn't because the guy who has it is in South Carolina and wants me to pay him back $300 (because interest) for it back... man... i just want my shit back. ;( more in the comments.


i've been reading Space Brothers, and i have come to realize, i have never played through To The Moon... i should rectify that...


reading Space Brothers right now, i just got to the point in the series where the main character's brother lands on the moon, it's such a powerful scene when all of Japan looks up to the moon in awe.


i just saw a trailer to a movie called The Florida Project starring Willem Dafoe, i have to see it. i know exactly every location featured in the film, because i used to go past them all the time. it's set in Kissime, over where the cheap hotels are.


apparently the live action Detective Pikachu movie is being filmed, it's actually being filmed.


i started playing Alen Wake for the first time yesterday, and man the game gets intense. i'm doing is something that i don't normally do, i am pacing myself in the game and just enjoying the tense atmosphere it provides by only play a little bit at a time


i just booted up Alen Wake for the first time since getting the game from a D-toid member who wanted me to play the game before it got pulled from Steam's store page. i saw a post on it here, and figured it would be a great game for the season.


well... the Boy Scouts are officially dead, they are starting to allow girls to join. i bet there is no petition to get boys in the girl scouts.


the second half of season five of Once Upon a Time is so good. the characters go to the Underworld and meet various dead characters, and the writers use this as an opportunity to tie up loose ends with those dead characters, great stuff.


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