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i have a saying: the journey may be more important than the destination, but it's the destination that gives the journey meaning.


i just got accepted into the Ubisoft survey about the Nintendo Switch. i figured i would qualify to take it considering that 1. i own a Switch, and 2. i have played many games. also the fact that only 39 people actually entered the survey didn't hurt.


my Cruncyroll sub is up, and there isn't anything on Netflix that grabs my attention since i finished Little Witch Academia this morning. this is the perfect time to watch some Kamen Rider 555. i have like what? 40 years worth Kamen Rider left to watch.


OH MY GOD! they included a Dreaming Machine reference in Little Witch Academia!!!!!! for those who don't know, Dreaming Machine was supposed to be the next movie by famed film director Satoshi Kon, known for such works like Paprika and Paranoia Agent.


2 Truths and a Lie. 1) i am a direct descendant to Zues, Odin, and to the uncle of Jesus. 2) I am distantly related to Obama 3) i have visited a real castle when mother was stationed in Germany when she was in the Army.


does anyone know where i can find a torrent of Kamen Rider Kuuga? i really liked that series and i would like to have it on my computer on a more permanent basis. PM me if you do know something


i am banned from Facebook now, even though i did nothing wrong. i challenged the politics of a TV show that was ABOUT politics, and i did so respectfully. i didn't insult anyone, i didn't spam anything, i respectfully disagreed.


Final Fantasy XIV: My Home in Another World

The Final Fantasy franchise has a very special place in my heart, it has always been a franchise that I would end up playing at nearly every major point in my life. I first experieneced Final Fantasy when my father picked up Final Fan...


Whelp, I'm Going to be Homeless: UPDATE 5

Update 5: Many of you know that I have been practically homeless and living in a hotel since last August. As of last week, we couldn't afford to stay in the hotel any longer, and are now living in a shack owned by a friend of a f...


My First Kiss: Final Fantasy VII

While I had a Genesis and a number of games that my father bought me, I didn't really understand video games at the time and had difficulty playing them. it wasn't until years later that I would actually get into video games. during t...


Nintendo UK just released a new Switch trailer.


Movie Recommendation: Silence

Here is something some of you may not know about me, but I am a fairly devout Christian. And as a Christian, I have found it incredibly difficult in finding good films that is centered around the religion that actually tackles Christi...


My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been a rather divisive subject within the gaming community at large, whether it be it's graphical power, battery life, paid online subscription, and number of launch titles, there is no shortage of things that ...


this is me if anyone was curious. i want y'all to know that i absolutely love this community and i hope that this place continues to be awesome forever and ever.


Then and Now: Final Fantasy VII and Me

When I was young, I was never interested in vdeo games, I preferred to read books on natural disasters and play outside with the other children. My father on the other hand has always been big into video games dating back to the Magno...


I Got a job Interview!

Update 2: I was just contacted earlier in the day, the people i had an interview with Friday, they contacted me to reschedule the interview for tomorrow. wish me luck. Update 1: Due to the weather on Friday, I couldn't go to I couldn'...


i just beat hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd on Hard difficulty, it took me close to 3 years to do so. now onto extreme


I am going to be homeless by this time tomorrow... more in my Cblog post. https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Keiichi+Morisato/whelp-i-m-going-to-be-homeless-379919.phtml#post


Assassination Classroom is absolutely brilliant, and has a very satisfying ending. very rarely does a manga adaptation ever get a proper ending, that is a right usually reserved for original anime projects. i can't recommend this anime enough.


Final Fantasy is Dead to Me

The Final Fantasy franchise holds a very special place in my heart, especially so FFVII, since FFVII is the reason why I never committed suicide. When I was a child I really wanted to play the game ever since I first saw my father play...


my user name stems from the fact that i wanted a universal username that i could use on all of my accounts across the internet. i experimented with a few other names, eventually after reading the manga Oh! My Goddess, i settled with Keiichimorisato98.


The Giffening!

 Well, due to recent events, i thought that it would be a good idea to have a place where me and a fellow Dtoiders can post gifs without getting in trouble for hijacking threads and crashing people's computers. rules, you can't post an...


just finished watching Wolf Children, it brings a tear to my eye every time i watch it. the ending theme that plays during the credits is especially heart wrenching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASQXj28pI44&index=24&list=PL32DB7D82F8642B4E


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