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the episode of Brooklyn 99 where Diaz comes out of the closet was actually a pretty good episode. i liked that it was more about trying to develop her as a character than it was about making any political statement which often comes across as heavy handed


GOG is giving away Grim Fandango for free, get it while it's hot! it's awesome that after that piece of shit game that they offered last week that they are giving away a good game.


my Secret Santa gift came in the mail! it's awesome! i can't wait to experience the story of Steins;Gate0. and thank you very much Anthony, i really do appreciate this wonderful gift. El. Psy. Congroo.


Sony should fucking shown this trailer during their presentation instead of talking for 3 fucking hours!


i really hope we get to see more about Bayonetta 3 soon, like the January Nintendo Direct, but more than likely we will hear more this E3.


just how popular IS Destructoid? because i have seen Mr Destructoid in a large number of places from video games to a few other things, even emotes on Twitch...


since it is going to be a while before i get my PS4, i asked my father to update the console and download and update my digitally purchased PS4 games. to tease me about my wait for the console, he sent me this image.


i saw Happy Death Day last night, and it was a surprisingly emotional slasher movie with a good mystery, and a great pay off. when the mystery is revealed, it makes absolute sense, and the clues were there. it is a great if tame slasher horror movie.


yo Fakeplastictree, i think you would love this video, and anyone else who loves the Yakuza games.


today i start my new job at the Circle K, i can't wait to get started! Edit: SHIT! i missed it! my training started 7:30, now i have to wait for them to reschedule me...


this is a new channel with only a couple of videos, but i think he will rise up pretty quickly.


looks like Bungie doubled the needed experience to level up/ obtain a bright engram without any notice in the wake of getting caught manipulating experience earned.


i have to say, Hell on Wheels is excellent. i just started watching the series a couple of days ago, but i am hooked. so far i enjoy it far more than AMC's other series *cough* The Walking Dead *cough*.


my father just bought me a PS4 Slim during black Friday for me, now i just need to wait a couple of weeks for him to ship it to me, but i should have it soon! i can't wait to be able to play FFXIV again once i start working.


Romancing SaGa for Vita, has been officially announced for western localization.


i have the job at the Circle K, we just need to wait for my background check.


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