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do you like Kingdom Come Deliverance? do you love Castles? then watch this review of the historical accuracy of a castle in the game. MACHICOLATIONS!!!!


netflix just released a new anime called Children of the Whales, i had to watch it just from the trailer alone after i saw the art style of the show. i love shows is interesting art styles.


Jessica Jones season 2 is so much better than season 1. hopefully the Netflix shows get better from here on.


i think i found a scrapped feature on the PS4 version of Neir Automata, it has Keyboard support, but it is so incomplete. there is no way to rebind the keys, and the actions are spread out in very odd places. but it DOES have keyboard support on the PS4.


i downloaded Bloodborne today, after 5 minutes and 30 deaths later, i can safely say that this isn't the kind of game that appeals to me. this goes for Dark Souls as well. sorry, i will stick with weenie hut jr for the time being.


i have a theory, a GAME THEORY. the Yakuza franchise and the Persona franchise are actually set in the same world, and take place simultaneously. they take place in roughly the same part of Japan, and they are published by Sega.


also, i just started streaming some FFXIV on Twitch you wouldn't mind joining me, here is a link.


god damn the sound design in Journey is impeccable, the sounds of the game with my new surround sound headphones are amazing, i am even hearing more subtle things that i really couldn't hear with just TV sound or stereo headphones.


I just found out that the dub for March comes in like a Lion season one is on Crunchyroll. i was shocked, because there are so few dubs on the streaming platform. i really hope that CR gets more dubs in the future.


I just picked up Nier Automata, and man, that opening segment is tough. But it hurts so good.


Steins;Gate: Linear Causality Introduction

 I am a fairly good fan of the Visual Novel series, Steins;Gate, ever since i first saw the anime back in 2010, i was sucked into the world of Hououin Kyouma. years later after finally getting a chance to go through the original V...


Finished FFXIV: Stormblood today. Very good game; puree awesome from beginning to end, the story and characters were amazing and had some great development. the new characters were great as well. i can't wait to see what FFXIVhas in store for the future.


i just found my new area theme in FFXIV, the Azime Steppe theme. though the Ul Dah night theme is still a favorite of mine.


i just realized as i was watching season 2 of Netflix's Travelers, it rips so much from Steins;Gate. i don't know if it were on purpose or not, but still i love me some time travel hard sci-fi. also, i watched The Shape of Water, my opinions below.


I am finally playing FFXIV after such a long absence from the game, it's just so good. i just got to the ending to the Dragonson War arc, it was amazing, and incredibly emotional. i can't wait to see what Stormblood has in store for me.


i saw Bright on Netflix, i thought that it was an interesting film. i love the concept of an Urban Fantasy using Tolkien-esque fantasy tropes. you dont really see that outside of anime. the social commentary was a bit on the nose and the film sequel baits


i have an extra PC codes for Shantae Half Genie Hero and all of the DLC that i can give out, and i am not sure who to give it to. please tell me why i should give the game to you. Edit:i am giving the game to Zero Star, since he has never played one.


i went to see Thor Ragnarok yesterday, but the theater was having issues with the projector so they allowed us to see a different movie instead and get free tickets. we saw Star Wars, i... wasn't too impressed with the story, but i did enjoy the film.


my dad bought me Battlefront II today so that we could play together. we sunk in a couple of hours into the game already. it's a lot of fun.


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