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My father gave me his copy of Spiderman, so far i have really enjoyed it. I am so GREATFUL that the game stars an older more well established version of the character. In the comics abd films he cant seem to get out of college and the daily bugle.


I met an old guy on the plane, he was really cool. He enjiyed video games, and his introduction to anime was this, he loved it.


Wednesday my father took me to a gem mine where we could mine our own fortune. We found nothing, but it is friendship and adventure that matters.


Tuesday I took my father and step mom to carowinds, we had a lot of fun. Copperhead Strike was my favorite ride there.


Right now I am getting ready to board my first flight since I was 6 to see my father. If there are reports of a flaming plane crash over Florida, that was probably me.


The new city in FFXIV that is infront of the Crystal Tower is based on an old concept of Limsa Lominsa. It also got teased back in 4.0, with the Red Mage tease. I am glad that they are reusing the core design.


Tales of Vesperia got a patch in this week. The stick controls and enemy night of flying enemies were a pain in the ass. The ring couldnt hit them, and i kept jumping and using the wrong skills. The latch makes the game feel so much better now.


I went to busch gardens tampa for their 60th anniversary. It was a lot of fun, and i finally managed to get on some coasters. And here I am standing infront of Vivi, while wearing Vivi shirt.


I went to sea world orlando with my mother and they were playing anime music at the park, and i was weab enough to know each song and whuch anime they had come from.


New trailer for Final Fantasy XII for Nintendo Switch.


i was reading the Alita Battle Angel manga, and i saw that in teh dramatic scene where she places those lines under her eyes, well it is much different than in the film and OVA, which uses blood. in the manga, she uses shit, seriously, she uses shit.


We found our missing dog. Back in late October last year our dog went missing the day after we moved to our current home. My mom found her in a shelter all the way over in Orlando. We are greatful to have her home and safe.


here is a traditional drinking song for all you drunk assholes out there. may you drink in good company!


Anyone who is a fan of Wolf Children would absolutely adore this film.


Anyone who is a fan of Wolf Children would absolutely adore this film.


Apparently, there is goinh to be another new race for FFXIV, it was accidentally leaked in the game itself via a glitch, specifically the French version of the game. The Hrothgar is the new race in question, what they are is a mystery at the moment.


I just saw Battle Angel Alita in theaters today, it was actually really good.


Hey all you Warhammer fans, if you have a lot of extra time on your hands or are grinding in an RPG or making your miniatures, I highly recommend giving this a listen to.



I really think that Daft Punk would have been a better choice over Skrillex for the KH3 OP. I felt like watching Interstella 5555 again, and it got me thinking.


Among the anime community it has long been speculated when #anumegate would happen. Well, I guess we got our answer when asshiles FALSELY accused Vic of impropriety and got him fired from everything he was associated with.


I tried Apex Legends, it is not my cup of tea. Oh well, back to Titanfall 2...


God damn, KH3 is such a feature rich game! Each world has unique mechanics and mini games that could be fleshed out into full games in some cases. I wonder if Nomura is using KH3 as a test grounds for some ideas that were scrapped from other games.


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