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Every open world game should be legally required to have a segment where you ride a really fucking long distance while contemplative thematic music plays over it and I will not hear otherwise.


Not happy with Epic right now. So because their client is worthless and lacking basic features, it refuses to detect my already installed copy of Metro Exodus. No way to detect existing installs, and their “fix” doesn't work. Shit internet, 80GB.


Why are there so many birthdays all of a sudden. Stop having birthdays right now!!! Acknowledging the passage of time makes me feel old and crotchety.


Been buying a lot more games on Uplay/Origin/EGS/Rockstar/Bethesda ever since getting GOG Galaxy set up. Being able to launch games from a client that doesn't suck is great! I also set up GLoSC so I can use my Steam Controller with anything. Fun stuff.


Finished a session of Forza Horizon on PC and decided to switch over to Days Gone and the absolute whiplash of going from the Xbox splash screen straight to the PlayStation one hit me upside the head like a sack of bricks. Still not used to it.


Days Gone is alright so far. Nothing has particularly blown me away so far, but it’s mechanically solid at least. It’s like if you put Every Ubisoft Game and Every Naughty Dog Game in a blender, to both its benefit and detriment. Still pretty damn fun


made a thing after playing end of zoe


Seeing a game that looks like it was tailor-made for you show up as "available for purchase right now!" only for it to be an early access game with only 1/3 of the planned content and a year and a half away from the estimated launch is a punch in the gut.


My biggest complaint about PC gaming, even though it's a very First World Problem kinda thing, is that I am incredibly bad at money management and games go on such deep sales so often that I'll probably never play 75% of the games I buy.


Does anyone else ever listen to music from the period or genre the game is set in while they play? Like 1920's music for BioShock or The Sinking City, 80's for Blood Dragon, classic Western themes for Red Dead, etc. I asked and apparently nobody else did.


I'm absolutely adoring The Sinking City so far. The game does a great job of letting you feel like an actual detective, down to stuff like searching archives and making you place quest markers manually after being given clues on the area. Loving it!


I know this sounds really stupid but I absolutely adore games that kick the ever-living shit out of me for not preparing. The Witcher, RDR2, Metro, STALKER, Monster Hunter, etc. Having to meticulously plan even the most minute encounter is so satisfying.


EGS client is not letting me open my library tab. It keeps redirecting me to the Unreal Engine page and estarting does nothing; been having to launch my games through GOG Galaxy to even play and install them. Does anyone else have this issue? Any fixes?


Been telling myself I'd get back into carpentry for over a decade at this point so I finally put my money where my mouth is. Gonna try and dig up some of my plans from high school back in '09 and see if I still have the touch.


Playing through both Alan Wake and Control again concurrently, I'm reminded how much I absolutely adore the cheesy live-action FMV TV programs and short films Remedy games have. I genuinely can't think of anything quite as charming in any other game.


Admittedly I have a good few problems with Death Stranding, but the OST is not one of them. Probably one of the best game soundtracks I’ve ever heard.


Is there anything you legally have to do when a company sends you more than you ordered online? I bought a $10 item and they send me an addition two shirts, or $60 of stuff in total and I can’t contact with them. Will I get in legal trouble? What do I d


No clue how badly qposts will butcher this image, but making panoramas in Death Stranding is fun.


Does anyone else suffer from motion sickness when playing certain games? I love games, but I’m really sensitive to stuff like low FPS, low FOV, spinning areas, etc. I was hoping to see if anyone else did as well, and if so what they do to alleviate it.


Just a heads-up, Focus Home Interactive is having a publisher sale on Steam! Really worth supporting if you love AA/mid-budget games like I do.


I’m playing through Death Stranding for the first time and I was suddenly struck by inspiration.


Absolutely loving Horizon Zero Dawn so far. Just left the starting area at 17 hours in. Tight gameplay, fun weapons, absolutely gorgeous graphics. I'd say it's Guerrilla's best game but that's a really low bar as I hated Killzone.


Can someone with a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation help me? I’m on PC and even with textures ostensibly set to ultra, which apparently is even higher than PS, some random stuff is really blurry. Is that a bug, or is it like that on PS too?


Booted up Horizon Zero Dawn. There's something surreal about playing a PlayStation exclusive with an Xbox controller on my Windows PC. It feels like I'm partaking in some sort of forbidden black magic.


I just bought an Xbox Series X controller and it's positively fantastic. I didn't think they'd be able to top the Xbox One controller, but this feels absolutely wonderful in the hand. Clicky d-pad, satisfying triggers, the whole nine yards.


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