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Hey everyone! The PSU fan in my gaming rig gave up the ghost yesterday and I was wondering what some good brands or models were. It’d need to be ATX and between 400-450W. Any help would be appreciated!


I've been playing a metric fuck-ton of classic-style roguelikes. Like actual roguelikes modeled after Rogue. They're absolutely wonderful and brutal and have been kicking my teeth in. Been thinking of doing a blog about my love of the genre, possibly.


And just like that, another game's off the list! This time it was ZombiU. Absolutely phenomenal game, and a true underrated classic. Hot on the heels of Cold Fear, Dead Space, RE Remake, RE Rev, Dying Light, Alien: Isolation, and Metro Exodus to boot.


I absolutely loathe how long Origin and the EGS take to update. Uplay and Steam are a pain in the ass, but they have the common decency to not have huge-ass updates that take ages on my shitty internet. Wish more games were DRM free or on GoG.


Been playing Dead Cells on my iPad and it’s a lot of fun! Giving me Rogue Legacy vibes which I really appreciate. I’m still awful at it, but I’m getting better, and being able to take it with me is appreciated too. (Also, it’s absolutely gorgeous!


Spent Memorial Day weekend making a tiered herb planter for my mom's garden. She found some she liked online but they were all handmade and very expensive, so I told her I'd make one for her. Ended up being only $40. Not bad for being out of practice.


As much as I get frustrated with the sub-par user experience of the Epic Game Store, I have to remind myself that it could always be worse. It could be the Rockstar launcher. I just wanna do my Red Dead Online dailies, dammit. Image related.


Man, Metro Exodus is more than worth the $10 I spent, but I'll be damned if the Epic Game Store client isn't a ginormous piece of shit. The QOL features I'm missing really make me miss Steam, and that's pretty damn bad, lol.


A huge thanks for all of the birthday wishes both yesterday and today! You guys are the best and I hope you're all managing to stay safe out there.


I just realized I never posted an update on my art recently, so here's a drawing I did for our very own wonderful, macro-loving microbiologist Gamemaniac3434.


I cannot wait until I finally get a job and make enough money to escape this irredeemable hellhole of a country.


Since we can't afford Resident Evil 3 remake, Kerrik52 and I have been doing a Resident Evil marathon. I've been doing RE2 Remake and RE1 Remake and he's played RE2 1998 and Code Veronica. Code Veronica is dumb as shit, but it was 100% enjoyable schlock.


Drawing is simultaneously the most self-affirming and miserable experience. But I've been doing a bit here and there recently and this Lotte drawing is the most recent. Bonus art in the comments!


The pandemic cleaning out grocery stores could not stop me from finding bread to make eggs in a hole. Learning to cook has been a metric shit-ton of fun. Eat shit, coronavirus!


Eugh. It's a circus out. Yesterday they found covid-19 like 15 miles away and now people are acting like a bunch of nutcases. Ran down to the store to get a box of tissues for my allergies and bread for toast tomorrow. All sold out. Bleh.


Just wanted to come out of lurking to wish our very own robot pal Vxxy a happy birthday. Have some cake for me, buddy!


Although a lot of people overlook it, I think my favorite advancement this generation has to be the rise of minimal/contextual HUDs. Having more room outside bars and numbers for the game to shine really makes me feel like I'm part of the world.


For today's Cursedmas, have a theremin in the cannibalized skull of a baby doll. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't posting this almost specifically because it seems like the kind of thing Occams would be interested in buying.


Happy birthday Ravenclaw you’re cool and I love you please DM me on Discord from time to time you dick.


Destructoid's official Discord requires you to add your phone number on Discord before you can use chat? Lmao, naw fam.


Been playing a good amount of Warframe lately and I spent more time than I'd like to admit on my Gauss. Also, my apologies for not posting here more. Qposts kind of slip my mind.


Outside of Nintendo's presser this has probably been one of the single most unbearable E3s I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Although each conference had a least one really neat looking game announced, so I guess it's not all bad. Little things.


Just saw the third John Wick movie! It was really good! I haven't seen the first ones, but I still more than understood the plot. Also there were copious amounts of very good boys. I really wanna check out the first two movies now, too.


Who survived The Great Dtoid Updatening? Sound off.


My younger brother gave me a $20 Steam gift card for my birthday today but I’m not sure what to get with it. Does anyone have any good FPS/open world/immersive sim/survival horror game recommendations for $20-40?


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