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Remember, clarify when you say you want some action with a pair of twins.


Tada. I meant to post this like six hours ago, but whoops, power outage due to rain!


The one where nostalgia apparently really clouds my judgement. Or I'm shittier at video games. Or Streets of Rage 3 has ISSUES.


What am I playing, Destructoid? Resident Evil 4, of course.


About Alex Heatone of us since 2:27 PM on 03.31.2013

I'm your garden variety introverted nerd who is convinced that he's a little bit funny.

Yes, hello, I am Alex and I'm bad at telling people about or selling myself. I run a Let's Play channel on Youtube called Radical Bromance/Rad Dudes in my free time. Which, as you might have guessed, I have a lot of.

Beyond my interest in video games, I watch a fair amount of anime (trending toward seinen because I hate japanese high schools), do some tabletop gaming and enjoy reading.

I willingly brave Gacha Hell without spending a single cent because I'm a madman.