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XC2 Chapter 4 was a real drag, just wasn't fun atall. Apparently it's the worst part of the game though, so onwards and upwards!


Baby Driver was fantastic, really fun film. Lily James is cute as a button, just adorable.


Why is there no map button in XC2? Why can't we set waypoints either, especially in a massive game like this. Games spectacular though. And Poppi is just wonderful, shame on you all for neglecting her!


Xenoblade is fun enough, but there's so many terrible design choices in it, like the 'special' blade you get. Great idea, but since I don't fancy playing an awful mini-game to grind for parts it'll become obsolete. Bravo Monolith.


Xenoblades hour counter is bugged. Console was asleep all day, resumed it at work and now it's saying I've played 28 hours, when it's actually 8. Annoys me more than it should.


For those interested, the Xenoblade controller apparently has a redesigned D-pad, which makes it less prone to wrong inputs.


Steven Richards (WWE wrestler from years ago) loves the Switch. Never thought i'd see anything like this.


http://www.game-debate.com/news/24092/marvel-heroes-dev-gazillion-closed-down-disney-lay-off-entire-workforce-on-thanksgiving-eve For all the people praising Disney as the supposed White Knight in the EA fiasco, they're just as bad.


Never heard of it before, but Fracture is a quite brilliant law drama with a creepy Anthony Hopkins and very freshfaced Ryan Gosling. Fantastic film.


For whatever reason i've never really listened to Metallica, so decided to see what the deal is. When this is the very first song you know you're in for a treat.


Forgot all about Steamworld 2 so picked it back up again, turns out I stopped just before the final boss. Cool game, preferred Heist though and I'm still awful at platformers.


Whoever decided to put Florence and the Machine on the Final Fantasy OST deserves a medal. Absolutely adore this song.


After the brilliance of Wonder Woman it seems Justice League is a trainwreck. That's a shame, really wonder where their DC universe will end up now.


https://kotaku.com/ign-employees-walk-out-after-former-employees-sexual-ha-1820409833 Shenanigans are afoot


Decided to buy DOOM on Switch because why not! Played a bit at work, the drop in visual quality is only really noticable in the quiet sections since you're usually busy, and seems decently smooth so far. Also, my mouse has made me terrible at console fps


Mario's done, and that marks my first ever Mario game completion. Some lovely touches and great ideas, pretty good.


Someone posted looking for people's top 5 Switch games on reddit, My list had Cave Story and FIFA, which apparently upset someone since I didn't have Mario or MK8 in it even though I pointed out them just not making it in. People are weird.


Really glad I forgot to cancel my humble monthly, Shadow Tactics was one of the games this month.


Don't really think it's a spoiler, but the Snow level is far and away my favourite so far. Just a joy to play through!


Still not overly enthused at the prospect of them being Windows Store only, but the treatment that AoE2HD has received has really got me hyped for the first remaster and even 4. Microsoft can do bloody great things when they want to.


Forgot to cancel my Humble DD, so I have the Quake Champions Key, Elder Scrolls online stuff, Elder Scrolls Legend stuff and a key for Furi if anyone wants them?


http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-10-30-nintendo-raises-switch-forecast-after-sales-success Just under 8 million sold as of September, looking at 14 million for it's first year. That's PS4 numbers, pretty damn impressive.


Finally got round to seeing Blade Runner. What a fucking that is, it's a travesty it's apparently struggling at the box office. Just outstanding!


Started getting more into AoE2 online, game is both soul destroying and amazing at the same time.


Incase anyone doesn't know, the Joycons (maybe Pro too) got an update aswell, you have to manually update in the settings though.


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