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War for the Planet of the Apes was fantastic. Ties up a really strong trilogy too, it's a rare feat having 3 great films in a a series.


Anyone have any interest in playing AoE2HD? Not competitive (i'm terrible), just to see how bad we are against the AI.


Remember that strategy game get together that was planned a while ago, is there still interest in that?


Watching Firefly again for the umpteenth on my lovely new 15th Anniversary Edition Blurays and it's just wonderful. Absolutely adore this show.


Mega Man 2 beat. Even abusing save states that game is brutal, mainly down to some terrible design decisions though. Not all bad though, and the music is fantastic.


I have 58 friends on Steam, I recognise some of you guys but I have no idea who most of the others are. This is what happens when you look for new players but realise communicating is hard so just give up.


Since I've still to open the SNES mini I decided to try Mega Man on the NES mini again. I'm abusing the fuck out of save states but I will beat the thing damnit.


Day 6 of my Canada Trip and my ears are finally unblocked so think I might finally be shaking this cold. Also, as a Scotsman this heat has been unbearable, I'm looking forward to the cooler days. Toronto's amazing though, and Niagara Falls is stunning!


I hate planes, so obviously I'm thrilled at the prospect of a 7 hour flight with a cold. Going to land deaf.


Had a sare throat/head for the last couple of days, but not letting it bother me since my trip to Canada is nearly here! 6 more days!


DOOM and Wolfenstein in Switch? Never thought I'd see the day.


For those who care, the 15th anniversary edition of Firefly is up for sale on Amazon.


Only gripes I have so far with Mario Rabbids is the camera and how tedious it is to control outside battles, so much so it's making me want to avoid the secret areas. They've nailed everything else though, love how fun it all is.


Started playing Dota 2 again and have been utterly dominant so far, and even better have had pretty decent teammates too.


Just realised i'll be in Canada when my SNES classic (supposedly) arrives, that's a bit of a buzzkill.


For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to binge watch season 2 of Ray Donovan. It's now nearly 7am, well worth it though.


Season 1 of Ray Donovan done. Don't know why it took so long to get round to watching it, bloody fantastic show.


Vega isn't terrible, but as of right now you can get a GTX 1080 for £125 less than the 64, and when you consider it draws less power and is on par if not better in games AMD is in a bit of bother.


I can see why people hate the Blue Shell I'm Mario Kart, but for me the worst item is the lightning and it's not even close. It's a giant fuck you to everyone with absolutely no warning, and byebye to that lovely set of items you have.


I probably shouldn't be surprised, but I thought we'd see some post about the TI7 result since it is the biggest tournament in gaming after all. Gutted I missed the final, seemed Team Liquid just steamrolled Newbee, just an awesome team.


Watched Miss Sloane last night, really enjoyable film where Jessica Chastain was as wonderful as usual. She really does deserve some more high-profile roles.


Gonna be a great final day of TI7, Team Liquid were awesome, just annoyed I can't watch it due to work. Also revealed 2 new Dota heroes for those interested.


Don't play it anymore but really enjoyed watching the Dota TI7 matchups so far. Some really great and surprising games.


Played a little bit of Hellblade. Looks nice and runs really well on my PC, combat seems fun so far aswell.


Finished Prey. Pretty fun game, but felt it started to drag a little after the great start. Done in about 25 hours so still got some stuff to do. And that finale was just amazing, really well done.


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