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I am just the world's worst at Platformers. I'm progressing through Shovel Knight like a blind man who's never played a game before. Just painful.


Think I've just about gave up beating Hedlock. I know it's doable, but it's just so garbage I don't want to keep trying. I'll happily just stick to non-ranked matches.


So aye, managed to get into a Zombie mod on Arma, went about as well as I expected. Ran out of ammo on the first 2 I encountered, chased by a group and tried to escape on a go kart with no fuel apparently (4:30 for the most epic getaway scene). Ah well.


ARMA 3 is on sale, it's a ridiculously massive game and everyone should buy it.


Saw CeX selling a Switch for 350 quid, just further confirming their status as high street scalpers.


Okay so I have a fuck ton of steam keys for humble games, so imma put a list in the comments if anyone wants one, or 2 or even a bakers dozen. (Another bump, since there's new weirdos here)


I've started to take a perverse pleasure in beating spam-grabbers. Also, after starting to worry Min Min was terrible she's started getting good again. The kick dodge is hard to use properly, but it's amazing just for jumping over grabs and punches.


DF done a video on Mario Odyssey, so far it's running 720p at a pretty consistent 60fps. With it still not out for a few months that's pretty damn impressive. Never though I'd be looking forward to a Mario game.


Played against Byte and Barq in a team battle again, still think it's stupidly broken. Feeling a bit better about the game though, still hard as fuck though. Also, you can switch targets with the right stick on traditional controls, for those unaware.


Arma 3s on sale for anyone interested. And I'm not atall pissed I paid full price for it last week, nope not atall. Still, great game, pick it up.


I'm at a loss as to how I actually managed to enjoy the first Arms testpunch. Since I bought the game I've had nothing but frustration with the controls and general bullshit AI. Byte and Barq is garbage in 4-player aswell.


If Shantae and Arms have shown me anything today it's that I'm utterly terrible at games.


The main reason I've never been overly fond of Platformers is their overreliance on instakill floors, spikes, obstacles or whatever. Like Half-Genie Hero, phenomenal game then for the final dungeon you're tapping 'A' to fly past spiked moving platforms.


It's still good, but John Wick 2 just feels like an expanded version of the first. It loses alot of the focus that had, and feels a bit less special as a result. Still fun though.


A Scot, Canadian and a mute all get randomly matched to play ARMA the wrong way. This is how all multiplayer matches should go, no try hards just people actually trying and not afraid to laugh when it fails. Game is really hard too.


There's people talking of boycotting RDR 2 and stuff after the GTA V modding kafuffle, but whenever anyone mentions one I just think of the infamous MW2 one. Nothing like a bit of solidarity.


Grenades in ARMA are like bloody nuclear arms. Threw one miles away from my downed teammate, it exploded and the shrapnel killed him. I'm not a good comrade.


So apparently the Same Minecraft crossplay requires a Xbox Live sign-in, which I'm fine with. Ofcourse that should mean we don't need the switch online subscription to play it, which remains to to be seen.


Not game related again, but talking about Scottish accents got me to listening to Amy Macdonald, lovely singer. Seems an absolute dear aswell.


It's not even remotely game related, but this is how I imagine Americans reading Scottish comments


Mario Rabbids looks really fun from what they showed, Yoshi looks cute as fuck and even as someone who hates platformers Mario looks amazing with Xenoblade, and then we have Splatoon and Arms out soon. Really heavy year though, need all the monies.


FE was obviously not really shown, but everything else was pretty stellar and is mostly all out this year. Plus Metroid and Pokemon announcements, great show.


Really hoping we just see a bunch of gameplay trailers and maybe one big announcement, none of this cg pish.


Spiderman is the only upcoming PS4 game i'm remotely interested in, and it looks pretty great. If what we saw was genuine gameplay it looks really smooth, seems a hit heavy on QTEs for me though, atleast from that boss battle.


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