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Finally beat Vampyr, really cool game. Thoughts in comments.


I was going to say my first 5 hours of ESO have been pretty fun, but the servers are down again. So that's about 10 hours downtime in the last 48, hardly enticing me to commit all that much time to be honest.


As someone who's never been interested in the 'Souls' games, I listening to Dropped Frames describe that new Sekiro thing they have and that sounds awesome as fuck. No health bar but you're caught in a battle where one move kills? That sounds bloody great


Great experience with ESO so far. Made my character and logged off to watch the football, and for the last 5 hours the Steam servers have been down. 10/10.


For those nerds that play ESO on PC, I finally made a character up so add me on Steam or however you do for future heroic adventures. Oh aye, name is the same as this as always.


I too lack the nuance to make a pretty screen of my favourite E3 games, but my top 5 was probably Spider Man, Rage 2, DOOM: Super Kill Everything, Vesperia (on Switch!) and Dying Light. Really strong conference personally.


Piece of adice to anyone looking to play Vampyr in the future, REALLY think about the choices you make in the game. Twice now i've thought I was doing the right thing and everything just fucked up. I'm a really shitty moral compass.


Does anyone play ES:O here? Decided to install the humble bundle copy I got months ago and wondering if there's anyone out there for whatever it is parties do!


Nintendo's conference was pretty good, seems they're back to their prior tactics of showing us stuff we'll be playing soon and keeping the big reveals for the direct, which is more than fine to me.


I was actually looking forward to it but that PC conference was really lacklustre. Bunch of DLCs/games already out, too much talking and Battle fucking Royale. Much prefer the pre-recorded shows now, just hit people with games and let them follow it up


Pretty mediocre Ubi conference, not much new for me personally. AC:Odyssey looks lovely though, like holiday in Greece lovely.


Announcement of the day is probably Halo for me, psyched to be able to play it thanks to it heading to PC.


Rage looks great, DOOM should be great, Fallout is interesting and ES6 announcement. Strong showing.


Really strong conference, buncha games and a few cool reveals.


John Bains (TotalBiscuit) medical bills totalled over $750,000 over the last 2 and half years, how in the fuck can anyone look at those numbers and think that's acceptable? Also, his wifes had a fuckton of financial issues, link in comments


Looking forward to what Nintendo bring to the table, and really hope Microsoft kill it with actual game announcements. A Fallout Remaster would be sweet too mind.


Finally got around to Stranger Things and it was a bloody blast, psyched for the 3rd season. Thoughts in comments too.


I'm not usually one for noticing this stuff but the music in Vampyr is phenomenal. I uploaded an example in the comments of a Chapter 1 boss fight for those interested, there's no context so nothing can get spoiled but i'm nice.


I'm a few hours into Vampyr and pretty impressed so far. Characters are good, sounds good and looks really nice for a smaller Dev. Runs really well too. For any PC buyers, a .ini fix unlocks the framerate and doesn't seem to break anything, not yet anyway


Saber actually followed through and gave Shaq Fu 2 to all the early NBA Playgrounds adopters on Switch. I'll never play it and NBA was bloody dreadful, but atleast they stuck to their word.


Really tempted by this, looks fun as hell and rough in an endearing way. Really great review too.


Turns out sitting an exam without even looking at half the coursework isn't fun. Gonna be an interesting months wait for the results.


Bayonetta 2 fixes the issues the first one had (QTEs mainly) while somehow making things even more batshit mental. They also added water levels for some reason, because everyone loves bloody water levels.


Did anyone pick/plan on picking up the Arma humble bundle? It's the perfect game for some doomed Dtoid get-togethers.


Anyone who's remotely considered Arma 3 in the past should check out the new humble bundle. Just £15 for the most ridiculously open-ended shooter out there.


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