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Played a couple of hours of The Surge, really damn smooth game considering the Souls-like thing was never really appealing to me. Combats fun, the dismembering mechanic is cool and I love the backdrop to the thing. Humble Monthly justified itself again


This is just amazing. I never actually realised how big this thing was until I discovered someone at my work is convinced. Apparently the degree i'm working towards is a lie, I'M IN A CONTROL SYSTEM. PS. I had no idea that was the thumbnail...


I really need to start paying more attention to what's on TV. Just started Sharp Objects and it's fantastic, so damn dark. Also stars Amy Adams, and that's always a good sign.


It's so surreal to see Tiger Woods genuinely competing for a major again. Pretty damn happy.


Just watched the Comic Con trailer for what's coming up on Preacher. So damn happy with the changes they've made to the comics, it's changed but retained its signature lunacy.


I played Arma 3 for about 90 hours after having it for the year. I've played 35 hours in the last week alone. Think i've finally fell down that rabbit hole.


A new player joined the Arma 3 server I play on saying he'd had issues with his previous ones ending up being too serious. 5 minutes later we attached a tow rope to a truck and drove it into a military tower, blowing up 3 of us. It's fair to say he's safe


I passed 2nd year Uni Physics by doing absolutely fuck-all the whole year. I'm either a closet genius or the luckiest bastard alive. Think it's more the latter.


Just had another fun Arma 3 session, sadly it was cut short thanks to my internet dying. Glad to have finally found a chill group so should be playing more of it. Best war simulator for the utterly incompetent out there.


Was a much closer game than I was expecting. England should have sewn it up in the first half, their movement and energy just lacked that bit of composure to kill it off. Fun game though.


Loving Preacher season 3 so far. Really digging the changing from the comics and shit looks to be getting really intense next week.


If PSG have any sense they'll be on the phone to Real Madrid to get that deal for Neymar pushed through before they start looking at Mbappe. Such a special player.


Played some Arma 3 for the first time in ages with a new group. Committed several war crimes, started WW3, died to a nuclear bomb and ended up getting betrayed and left to get murdered by zombies. Real fun time!


ICEY was pretty good, basically a 2D Stanley Parable with anime shit thrown in. Isn't actually all that fun to play since the combat is really bad personally, but everything else is pretty neat. Worth the few quid I paid for it.


Finally got round to finishing Bayonetta 2. It's better than the original in pretty much everyway, QTEs are much better, it seems to play a bit better and generally is just a much fairer game and thus more fun. Story is still bloody nonsensical though.


About 10 hours into Destiny 2 now and it's a real treat. The random missions with others are great fun and I even got to play football at the base place, just a good time. For the £9 Humble monthly it's a bloody bargain, great game.


Yang finally hit the EU eshop for BlazBlue. Such a fun character, shotgun punch things to death and go super Saiyan on low health.


I made a joke a few weeks back about Bungie getting sick of making Halo for Microsoft so decided to do it for Activision. But it turns out they did, they even included the Flood in Destiny.


A few hours in Destiny 2 and impressed so far. It looks lovely, runs like a dream and the shooting just feels so good.


I still have no idea what I'm doing but BlazBlue Cross Tag is so much fun, I even won 2 online matches! This is probably the most satisfying moment I've ever had gaming though https://twitter.com/Big%20/status/1011385398201729026?s=19


As someone who is terrible at fighting games I decided to buy BlazBlue on the Switch. Mistakes were made, that shit's confusing as hell.


Finally beat Vampyr, really cool game. Thoughts in comments.


I was going to say my first 5 hours of ESO have been pretty fun, but the servers are down again. So that's about 10 hours downtime in the last 48, hardly enticing me to commit all that much time to be honest.


As someone who's never been interested in the 'Souls' games, I listening to Dropped Frames describe that new Sekiro thing they have and that sounds awesome as fuck. No health bar but you're caught in a battle where one move kills? That sounds bloody great


Great experience with ESO so far. Made my character and logged off to watch the football, and for the last 5 hours the Steam servers have been down. 10/10.


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