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For realsies, am I the only one getting Jak X vibes from the Starfox racing rumors?


Honestly a Starfox Racing game still sounds better than Zero. And we might finally have a canon Command ending


Me: Nintendo needs to calm down with these Wii U ports and give us some new games Also me: Where the fuck is my Wonderful 101 port Nintendo?


The Simpsons Hit and Run is my favorite GTA game


I love 3rd party Transformers figures, now I can have a ridiculously huge Sideswipe giving the finger


Hilarious and Terrifying


We're nearing perfection


So I just beat Yakuza Kiwami and....well damn, I think I might have a new favorite game series. I really need to start tracking down the rest of the games XD


Went a little crazy witty gaming haul. Ended up with Yakuza 0, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Xenoverse 2, Skyrim and Super Bomberman R


Apparently Yakuza 0 is gonna be be $25 at some places for Black Friday. I'll try to get this one as I loved Kiwami


I caved and bought my first Funko Pop figure. I'm officially trash :p


The SNES Classic is great, but the lack of Chrono Trigger and the superior SNES Final Fantasy(oh yeah I went there) makes it feel incomplete


I need to try more Master Grades, this was really fun to make


So who wants to join me in being one of five people who actually managed to get a SNES Mini and brag about it?


Alright real Unpopular opinion: FFIV is the best SNES Final Fantasy


Unpopular opinion: Your opinion sucks and mine is objectively better


Finally Platinum'd Transformers Devastation!


MvC:I plays fine, but I'm really not feeling the story mode and Voice Acting


The fact that they never made a official Tequila Gundam toy is fucking tragic


Today's the day of that inauguration, good thing I'll be sleeping through that. I'll be waiting for your cat girls when I wake up Destructoid


The more I hear the plans the GOP have the more they sound like literal super villains


If they're seriously planning on including online play for their VC titles, please, for the love of all that is holy, please release Melee, F-Zero GX, and Starfox Assault for the damned thing


Fuck it, No More Heroes 3 just sold me on the Switch


Controversial Opinion: I actually enjoy Call of Duty :p


Carrie Fisher... ;(


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