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This was honestly one of the best character reveal trailers ever, they really went the extra mile


Nintendo a few weeks earlier: E3 Direct will mainly be Smash focused, and highlight most 2018 titles >shows Smash focused Direct with a few highlighted 2018 titles Nintendo fans: Why did they spend so much time on Smash?! WHERE ARE MY FAKE RUMORED GAME


https://www.destructoid.com/nintendo-confirms-stylish-mech-shooter-daemon-x-machina-at-e3-nintendo-direct-507741.phtml Hoping this game gets more attention because it looks awesome


I give that conference a Snake/10


Was anyone else underwhelmed by Sony's show? Feels like a lot of it was missing


Only thing I'm anticipating for E3 is an interview with Pele, because that's what I watch E3 for


For realsies, am I the only one getting Jak X vibes from the Starfox racing rumors?


Honestly a Starfox Racing game still sounds better than Zero. And we might finally have a canon Command ending


Me: Nintendo needs to calm down with these Wii U ports and give us some new games Also me: Where the fuck is my Wonderful 101 port Nintendo?


The Simpsons Hit and Run is my favorite GTA game


I love 3rd party Transformers figures, now I can have a ridiculously huge Sideswipe giving the finger


Hilarious and Terrifying


We're nearing perfection


So I just beat Yakuza Kiwami and....well damn, I think I might have a new favorite game series. I really need to start tracking down the rest of the games XD


Went a little crazy witty gaming haul. Ended up with Yakuza 0, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Xenoverse 2, Skyrim and Super Bomberman R


Apparently Yakuza 0 is gonna be be $25 at some places for Black Friday. I'll try to get this one as I loved Kiwami


I caved and bought my first Funko Pop figure. I'm officially trash :p


The SNES Classic is great, but the lack of Chrono Trigger and the superior SNES Final Fantasy(oh yeah I went there) makes it feel incomplete


I need to try more Master Grades, this was really fun to make


So who wants to join me in being one of five people who actually managed to get a SNES Mini and brag about it?


Alright real Unpopular opinion: FFIV is the best SNES Final Fantasy


Unpopular opinion: Your opinion sucks and mine is objectively better


Finally Platinum'd Transformers Devastation!


MvC:I plays fine, but I'm really not feeling the story mode and Voice Acting


The fact that they never made a official Tequila Gundam toy is fucking tragic


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