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The King in Yellow could not recall a source, nor recognise their current visage. Was it always this way, spreading the gospel since the sands formed, or had it merely forgot a prior life? If the theory troubled then its sunken face... [indecipherable]


A dimming bulb, The Yellow King looked upon what it was to be remembered as it could feel their being evaporating from minds. Was it necessary to appeal to people's happiness to remain, or could it warp fear, madness and melancholy to [indecipherable]


As pathetic as it is, one of the things I miss about recapping is not getting to post my "This week, I've been mostly listening to...". I don't know if anyone ever paid attention to what I posted there.


Pst. If ye be wanting a free Elite skin in Rainbow Six Siege... Ye'll be wantin' to play an online match between now and the 6th of March.


Not going to lie, finding out earlier today the protagonists of The Red Strings Club are a couple was pretty sweet. I honestly don't think there are many gay protagonists in games out there.


: D


Stuck in the very peculiar position of trying to find the nicest way to let someone know their anime cosplay makes them look like a rent boy, and all I can think is when I see it is "...How much did we agree upon?".


Oh Seymour, you odd fellow.


The King in Yellow was surrounded by spawn, seeking to blubber obscene words in their own hideous languages. Fortunate to the bags of flesh, they had a guiding hand along the path to [indecipherable].


I can't decide if Ubisoft named the Far Cry 5 Mondo Collection after the company who made it, Mondo, because it's the surname of Vaas actor Michael Mondo. Far Cry has such a hard-on for Vaas that I do suspect it, but I could be paranoid.


Dennis probably understands.


Oh a special Nintendo announcement that will be a "new interactive experience" ?


"How was yesterday?"


The Yellow King emerged again with news, wearing a skin of malevolence, offered a hand and spoke of fruits. Its news were like piercing ripe red gems that unleashed a sweet flesh inside. The knowledge it bared was plentiful of [writing indecipherable].


They've released the box art for Dark Souls Remastered for the Switch, and I for one am pretty excited.


"The password matchmaking system from Dark Souls III is being implemented in the Dark Souls remaster."


This One is Not For the Fans

Warning: There are going to be some spoilers of Danganronpa V3. Sorry, who am I kidding? We’re swinging for the fences with the big major spoilers. So if you plan to give Danganronpa V3 a punt, then just slide on past this blog.....


I will be leaving the regular recap group and returning to being a reservist again. The longer story of why is in the comments. I'm sorry.


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Hey, I'm Riobux. I joined Destructoid a good deal back due to Podtoid when Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman used to do it, and when Phil & Spencer did the Destructoid Twitch channel. I'm a Sociology With Psychology graduate who has a particular interest in videogame culture and the creation of videogames. These days I just punt out recaps, but you can also find me creeping around news story comments.

When I'm not here attempting to act like a civilised being, making odd jokes only I snigger at or being way too late with posting recap, I can be found on Bagogames attempting to ramble as a previewer/reviewer.

You may also find me working out how the hell the new strange world of social media on Twitter works at @Riobux.