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I'm looking at the next Yellow News piece and I do not know if I've gone too far. It is bleak in the ways I love, but also the ways that does grind on some.


So, uh, I did some Yellow News about Mario, so maybe check out my attempt at satire/parody/humour?


Basically, SMBC might have summed up why I only have moderately mad opinions.


Not going to lie: Was weird seeing Adachi from Persona 4 in an unrelated anime.


I'm sorry for not posting a recap this week, I honestly don't have a good reason for it. I'm really sorry for messing up.


Hey, doing a Dtoid Quik-Collab of 200-300 words of a dream game you'd like made (within the realms of reality, able to be made today or within 5 years. If interested, just comment or PM me and we'll get this Quik-Collab train arollin'!


Just got the bad ending in Alex Jones Sega CD, and I'm not sure how to feel. Not my fault I trusted Natas, he kept giving me health potions and was surprisingly charismatic.


Going to getting my planned collaboration going in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled (or zested with a cheese grater if you swing that way) in the Quikposts for that coming up soon-ish.


Sony just released a controller inspired by waste trap piping with a Christmas tree bulb at the end, and called it the dreadfully bland name Playstation Aim. It's like the Sony marketing board have a vendetta against motion controls.


Sometimes I watch an interview and I feel so happy inside, not only as an audience member but as someone trying to learn how to do games developer interviews well.


Will be doing the Sunday recap next week. Wanting to get a particular review done by tomorrow.


Why do I get the feeling "disappointingly good" is a phrase I'm going to regret writing in a review?


I'll probably change my username to Putty Stevens if the planets bizarrely align and I get hired for a lark. Not to say that's my real name. Just I look like a "Putty Stevens" sort of person. Until then, going to keep "Riobux" bagged for an username.


Man, just came across a "cry for the devil" moment in a game, and just so relieved. Its predecessor slumped due to not utilising it personally. Might make it into a recap intro.




Group of people I know are trying to work out how to appear genuine and human. Watching it, it is somewhere between a psychopath convention presentation on emotion/empathy and a collection of dogs trying to comprehend Mozart. It's fucking absurd.


Anyone fancy taking part in some Saturday night Destructoid Pathfinder (tabletop RPG stuff) about 6PM GMT? Got some spaces. Prior knowledge not required, just a desire to give it a go.


As one of two people I long suspect to having a side career as part of a hobo bare knuckle boxing circuit, Alex Jones makes for a sweet 90s FMV video game character.


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Hey, I'm Riobux. I joined Destructoid a good deal back due to Podtoid when Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman used to do it, and when Phil & Spencer did the Destructoid Twitch channel. I'm a Sociology With Psychology graduate who has a particular interest in videogame culture and the creation of videogames. These days I just punt out recaps, but you can also find me creeping around news story comments.

When I'm not here attempting to act like a civilised being, making odd jokes only I snigger at or being way too late with posting recap, I can be found on Bagogames attempting to ramble as a previewer/reviewer.

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