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 from  our Community Blogs

Is The FPS Genre Stagnating?

It may be popular, but is there any genre more maligned for it's lack of innovation by "hardcore" gamers today than the venerable first person shooter? Well maybe the sports genre... (sorry Samit :( ) Still, at some point, you have prob...


Reviewing Games: Doing It Right

Note: This isn't directed at anyone who commented on Toph's review. The comments were more or less dick-head free :D Tophers brand spankin' new review of Ikaruga got me thinking about the always hot button topic of game reviews, and more...


Ikaruga: Overrated? (An audio-blog)

I'm pretty much walking out the door, but I wanted to post this today; so bear with me. Things to know: - This is an audio-blog because it's way quicker than trying to type everything, and time is a factor for me right now. - It's in em-p...


Happy Birthday Destructoid: A Song

It hit me at around 3pm today: an idea for a Destructoid song. I don't know why, the opening lyrics along with the song just came to me, totally unbidden, and I took it as a sign. So here we are. I had to learn the song, come up with lyrics...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

So I figured that since this competition is pretty much taking over the c-blogs, and all of the cool kids are posting their gaming set ups, I might as well get in on the action. So without further ado, here's a heavily modified version of a...


Custom Audio: Disrespectful?

Peeks out from under c-blog rubble Is the Turning Point storm over? Right! Customizable audio. I was perusing Naia The Gamers c-blog the other day and it got me thinking: with the advent of hard drives, developers now have the opportuni...


Homemade Arcade Controller: Shmuperific!

My roommate is awesome. One day he decided to build himself a proper controller to play some of his favorite not-emulated arcade games. After a few dollars, a bit of research and some help from yours truly, we have the basic board made. GE...


[email protected]: What It Does (Jargon Free)

So after seeing this article on the front page it dawned on me that a lot of people probably know ABOUT [email protected] But how many people know what it actually DOES? You know, besides displaying a bunch of bars, numbers and colored balls at...


Umbrella Lab Coat II: The Back!

So I don't know why people were saying "nice" and whatnot on my earlier post about my new job, but whatever. Just thought that I'd update because things got even weirder today. The Parasol corp. people said that the initial trials were "hor...


Umbrella Lab Coat

So I got a new part-time job today, figured I'd make a few extra dollars during the weekend. So here's some pictures of my new lab coat. I think the company is called Parasol corp. or something like that. They have me working on some new...


Stepping Your Game Up: A Guide

Pretty much every gamer on the planet has the desire to get better at a given game or genre, and really the only way to do that is to put in the time and practice. Right? Wrong. There exists a most exquisite theory, which can be directly ...


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