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I'm gonna stream more Witcher 3 tonight (8 EST) and play for a few hours. I want to continue reacquainting myself before starting a fresh DM playthrough w/o NG+ (I'll start that later this week). Come hang out. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Streaming Witcher 3 if anyone cares to chill with me for a spell and watch me slay Drowners. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Alright, fuck it. I'll do a 4th playthrough of Witcher 3. Would anyone care to tune into a chillstream later this evening?


Just finished the true ending in Hollow Knight. I loved it, though I'm not without grievances. Absolutely worth the wait.


@frosty and I are going to stream Mass Effect: Andromeda later. Come hang out and witness the first steps of Clownmachine Ryder as he attempts to fuck the galaxy. *Edit*: LIVE! https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Y’all! @frosty and I are streaming Hyper Light Drifter. Come hang out and criticize my first stream! https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Dtoid ran an article in 2012 about the Mega Man Boss Battle art show. The other day I emailed the artist of my fav piece and asked if I could buy a print. This is available for one week: https://society6.com/ubinli/s?q=popular+wall-art (See comments.<3)


The first two episodes of Cobra Kai are free. As a Karate Nerd, I'm pretty damn down.


Amazon's incomplete page for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection is hilarious. "Take down the Chill Penguin" sounds like something you'd say to your stoner buddy when he's remodeling. Also, you can have a go at the Frost Walrus. He's a bit cold and dry.


Holy shit you guys. I got into my top-choice PhD program. Oh my fucking god I am still freaking out.


Hey dtoid, can we get some art of videogame characters playing videogames? I'll post some more in my comments.


I’ve had the best weekend ever. But I just want to say to all the people struggling to keep it together and deal with life that I feel you, I care about you, and I want you to do well. Don’t give up. I swear you can fucking do this. <3


I've been thinking about it for the last week and I have to say my absolute favorite 3DS game was Kid Icarus: Uprising. KI:U really made the system for me, more so than even Smash. May it live forever, and may we get a sequel without waiting 2 decades.


I understand why, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed that my only gripe with Bayonetta 2 is that there's no 2B costume.


#striptoid, huh? Let's dig out an old favorite (source— http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/comic/tears-in-rain):


Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of JSRF and I forgot to play this fucking gem:


Florida's a small place. One of my students sat in my office crying because she couldn't reach her friend back home in Coral Springs. I was born there. I can't imagine looking at my students and thinking that 17 of them won't get to go home anymore.


I think I'd like to try a bit of Twitch streaming from my PS4. Would people be interested in commentated casual gameplay of something like Witcher 3 or Dishonored 2 or something? And what weekend times work best for people? Fri/Sat/Sunday night? <3


I conquered Celeste Mountain. 125/175 Strawberries, 1167 deaths. No crystal hearts, but I located 3/4 of them and I think I know where the last one is. Overall, game was a good Meat Boy-style platformer, but it had some issues. Won't play it again. <3


100 posts! Hell of a ride! Etc., etc.! So am I supposed to do an AMA? Fuck it. Ask me anything. *Edit* I do not apologize for my novel-length answers.


#Shoutouttoid to @TriCerAroK for always being a thoughtful commenter, good conversationalist, and for having one of the coolest avatar pics on the site.


Early this morning, NASA provided us with a live feed of the cutscene where all the enemies respawn.


Finally watched the Warcraft movie. I haven't played Warcraft since WC2, but I dig Diablo and Overwatch and Blizzard in general. I really enjoyed it, didn't find it at all confusing except the names, and would watch a sequel. Good fights, too. Fuck.


Dissidia day 1 patch lets you map jump to the X button! Fuck yeah! Also I just noticed I can upvote people 5 times now instead of just 4! Anyone know what governs that?


GoNNER is yet another wonderful beloved indie platformer brought to the Switch that forces me to use its stupid-as-all-fuck control scheme instead of allowing me to map my own. Have the devs never held a fucking controller before?


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