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And for my next trick, I'm going to find an excuse to reference Devil May Cry in the title of my upcoming term paper on Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.


Are there any fixes for this Qtoid comment issue yet? I’m using chrome and can’t see shit, no matter which comment button I press (comments or direct link). I had to reply to people using safari on my phone. HELP ME, MARINAAAAAAAA!


Not videogame related: I moved to this city for school last August, and I just now found a new dojo to call home. I'm so excited for the semester to end so I can officially start.


It took me the better part of my small amount of free time for the last week, but I finished this look at MGS4. It's still my favorite game in the series and a personal Top 5 listee, but this guy's video is just great. Major kudos. <3


Anybody else having trouble viewing qtoid comments in Chrome? Clicking the comment button does nothing. I have to click the chain link button to see them in a new page. This is affecting mobile iOS and Windows 10.


DMC5 demo absolutely convinced me that Bayonetta 3 will be fucking incredible.


I haven't yet thought of a name for him/her.


So I’m locked in for the weekend working on another paper (so what’s new), but this finally arrived and I didn’t have anywhere else to share and I really wanted to. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a belt.


Sign me up for YoRHa and pair me up with 2B because I'm a motherfucking SCANNER UNIT. Also, please fucking make this essay go away. Sir Thomas Wyatt and his Petrarchan poetry can fuck right off.


I haven’t kept up with the competitive puzzle genre for the last decade and a half, but Tetris 99 is the closest thing I’ve played to my belovèd Meteos in years.


"What a long day! I'd love to go home and play some videogames. Let me ask my Unfinished Paper on 16-Century English Poetry."


Reinstalled FE Heroes after 2 years away and the game knew exactly how to reinforce my decision.


Thanks to @Frostyflakes, I now know what happens in Smash Bros when you shoot away a spirit’s entire shield without hitting the spirit: the shield disappears and your friend gets disappointed.


It’s my birthday, y’all. I began my day by donating some money to AGDQ and on Monday I go into semester 2 (of 10) for my PhD. Can we get some MEGA MAN up in here? Love you all.


AGDQ 2019 starts in an hour! First up is a Hollow Knight 100% run. Later this week will be Mario RPG and a 10-hour FFIX 3-person run. VIDEOGAMES! https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule


Pour one out for my lost horses in RDR2—Astraea, Megiddo, Cindera, and Penumbra. My gang should have just been me and my horses. And a few select other people I guess.


Red Dead be like, “Don’t worry Mr. Morgan, I got a wife and kids so I got a lot to live for. You’ll be perfectly safe with me.” So I’m like, “Great, now I’m gonna have to be sad when this asshole gets shot.”


Smash Ultimate makes me yearn for a new Kid Icarus game more than anything else. Uprising deserves a sequel.


One semester down, nine to go. Not pictured: Smash, RDR, and the Dark Souls Trilogy. LET’S. ROCK.


I always shit on The Game Awards as a AAA circle-jerk, but I can't deny Keighley's enthusiasm and pride in what he's accomplished. Well-earned.


Finished first of two papers. Grading done. Portfolio getting ready. Let's fucking do this.


Every major crime spree I’ve committed in RDR2 started with me pressing the wrong button.


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