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Thanks to @Frostyflakes, I now know what happens in Smash Bros when you shoot away a spirit’s entire shield without hitting the spirit: the shield disappears and your friend gets disappointed.


It’s my birthday, y’all. I began my day by donating some money to AGDQ and on Monday I go into semester 2 (of 10) for my PhD. Can we get some MEGA MAN up in here? Love you all.


AGDQ 2019 starts in an hour! First up is a Hollow Knight 100% run. Later this week will be Mario RPG and a 10-hour FFIX 3-person run. VIDEOGAMES! https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule


Pour one out for my lost horses in RDR2—Astraea, Megiddo, Cindera, and Penumbra. My gang should have just been me and my horses. And a few select other people I guess.


Red Dead be like, “Don’t worry Mr. Morgan, I got a wife and kids so I got a lot to live for. You’ll be perfectly safe with me.” So I’m like, “Great, now I’m gonna have to be sad when this asshole gets shot.”


Smash Ultimate makes me yearn for a new Kid Icarus game more than anything else. Uprising deserves a sequel.


One semester down, nine to go. Not pictured: Smash, RDR, and the Dark Souls Trilogy. LET’S. ROCK.


I always shit on The Game Awards as a AAA circle-jerk, but I can't deny Keighley's enthusiasm and pride in what he's accomplished. Well-earned.


Finished first of two papers. Grading done. Portfolio getting ready. Let's fucking do this.


Every major crime spree I’ve committed in RDR2 started with me pressing the wrong button.


Almost done with a project due Tuesday. Then I can resume my project in a different class due Halloween day. And the following week, another project. I can't wait until 3 weekends from now when I can play videogames again. That'll be rad.


Mark of the Ninja: Remastered released today. I recently wrote some stuff about it; the game means a lot to me. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have!


Six Years a Ninja: Memoirs of a Grad Student

(It's been over 3 years since my last CBlog, and the formatting has changed.  Bear with me if you notice mistakes and inconsistencies.  This is going to be a rather long personal story, though I promise there's a videogame-re...


Yesterday's episode of What's Good Games cites Jordan's article about the Harry Potter leak. It's cool knowing who's reading dtoid. Also, I have a (LONG) CBlog going up shortly about Mark of the Ninja and life in general.


I didn't get to play it since my copy is a couple hundred miles away, but I wanted to say I'm really happy that Mega Man 11 launched today. Also, I'm working on a cblog I'll publish later this week. It's... 4200 words. About school, ninjas, and life. <3


I drew Hollow Knight on the back of a pumpkin for our office Halloween decorations. I used a pen for the outline and shading, and marker for his eyes and legs. I’ll shade the nail with a pencil. Also I should absolutely get back to reading Agamben. <3


So thrilled about the possibility of finally getting cross-platform play on the PS4. Now when the fuck can we expect to change our goddamn PSN names?


So Dante's abysmal theme from DMC5 was pulled from YouTube. Hopefully it's being replaced. However, we shouldn't let this die:


Cy Games, who handled ZOE: MVRS, are in talks with Konami to do a 3rd game pending sales. I’ll set my cynicism aside and support this cause.


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