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Cy Games, who handled ZOE: MVRS, are in talks with Konami to do a 3rd game pending sales. I’ll set my cynicism aside and support this cause.


I'm not done with the game yet, but after 5 hours I really need to ask: is anyone else totally not liking The Messenger?


Donut County was a wonderful palette cleanser from the fun-but-depressing Iconoclasts. Starting The Messenger. Let’s see if this becomes my new Hollow Knight. (Also I have to read 300 pages of philosophy and literature by next Thursday. Wish me luck. <3


PSA: Donut County is simple and relaxed, also charming as hell. And now I really want a donut.


Watching the Fast & Furious series with my brother. Just finished Furious 7. They're so goddamn stupid, but I can't remember enjoying a series of movies this much. I'm legitimately sad that Johnson and Diesel had a falling out after 8. RIP Paul. <3


“Alexa, tell me a Pokémon joke.” “Why is it impossible to play hide-and-seek with a Pokémon? They always *pikachu*.” “Alexa, that was shitty.”


Salt & Sanctuary is *also* coming to Switch the same day as Iconoclasts. This sounds excellent, unless they don't fix that BULLSHIT CO-OP GLITCH in which case I'd sooner double-dip on Iconoclasts. This is your chance, Ska Studios. (Single player is fine.)


I've spent my afternoon with the X Collections, and I'm really happy with them. But is anyone else finding that the Switch Joycons are dropping inputs? It's really tough to charge, dash, and jump without it feeling like I'm losing a button press. <3


I picked up Iconoclasts finally and it's good. Like Gunstar Heroes good.


Friendly reminder that our own @Alphadeus fucking rocks. An artist that can manage so many styles and influences is worth celebrating.


So Galak-Z Variant S launched on Nintendo Switch, and it's now a mobile game with microtransactions. As in you need to buy Crash Coins with real money to repair your ship, or wait 9 hours in real time. Oh, and you can't transform. What the fuck, 17-Bit?


I'm gonna stream more Witcher 3 tonight (8 EST) and play for a few hours. I want to continue reacquainting myself before starting a fresh DM playthrough w/o NG+ (I'll start that later this week). Come hang out. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Streaming Witcher 3 if anyone cares to chill with me for a spell and watch me slay Drowners. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Alright, fuck it. I'll do a 4th playthrough of Witcher 3. Would anyone care to tune into a chillstream later this evening?


Just finished the true ending in Hollow Knight. I loved it, though I'm not without grievances. Absolutely worth the wait.


@frosty and I are going to stream Mass Effect: Andromeda later. Come hang out and witness the first steps of Clownmachine Ryder as he attempts to fuck the galaxy. *Edit*: LIVE! https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Y’all! @frosty and I are streaming Hyper Light Drifter. Come hang out and criticize my first stream! https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


Dtoid ran an article in 2012 about the Mega Man Boss Battle art show. The other day I emailed the artist of my fav piece and asked if I could buy a print. This is available for one week: https://society6.com/ubinli/s?q=popular+wall-art (See comments.<3)


The first two episodes of Cobra Kai are free. As a Karate Nerd, I'm pretty damn down.


Amazon's incomplete page for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection is hilarious. "Take down the Chill Penguin" sounds like something you'd say to your stoner buddy when he's remodeling. Also, you can have a go at the Frost Walrus. He's a bit cold and dry.


Holy shit you guys. I got into my top-choice PhD program. Oh my fucking god I am still freaking out.


Hey dtoid, can we get some art of videogame characters playing videogames? I'll post some more in my comments.


I’ve had the best weekend ever. But I just want to say to all the people struggling to keep it together and deal with life that I feel you, I care about you, and I want you to do well. Don’t give up. I swear you can fucking do this. <3


I've been thinking about it for the last week and I have to say my absolute favorite 3DS game was Kid Icarus: Uprising. KI:U really made the system for me, more so than even Smash. May it live forever, and may we get a sequel without waiting 2 decades.


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