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Just finished my prospectus hearing. I'm now a PhD candidate and ABD. While that's fun in itself, it's a fucking milestone because 23-year-old impostor-syndrome Shibb would never have imagined he'd get this far. Love y'all, dtoid. Post Samus fanart. <3


I just wrote a blog post. It felt a bit weird, my trying to qualify this state of "I want to play something but I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my life playing something I won't love". I'm either getting old or thinking too much. Or both. <3


Gather ye gamepads while ye may.

I’ve been in a bit of a new game rut lately—I want to play something new, but I want to find just the right game to play.  This is a concern we’ve all had: starting up that fresh new experience, instantly meshin...


Finally submitted the 5th draft of my Prospectus. Should be ready to defend soon. Until then, I make irresponsible decisions.


Some friends who are new to the Souls series wanted to co-op DS3 with me, but the 100% invasion rate is turning them right off. The co-op is basically a guaranteed PVP fight. Sucks that we can’t just turn invasions off.


Jesse's not much of a gamer these days, but I really love his breakdown of not only Lidia's moves but the history of the specific kata she's doing (which is fun in itself). If I return to Tekken 7, I've totally found my new main.


For #womantoid here’s one of my favorite characters who’s so deep a cut that finding high-res official art is a chore. Konoko was a badass before badasses. Runner-up is Momiji from Ninja Gaiden/DOA. Some flames, my friends.


I think it's terrible that Pedro Pascal is getting typecast as a handsome, relatable guy who has something horrible happen to his face.


Apparently I share a birthday with Juice! How did I not know that? Let’s all celebrate the Best Day with good vibes, hot midriffs, and Gundam!


Watching GDQ and playing OlliOlli. Fuck you, OlliOlli.


Just finished 2077. It was really painful, to be honest—but in a good way. (Hour count was 64:30 for anyone wondering.)


A few months ago while I was still fighting through my exams, I posted this blurb about Sekiro. I have a question in the comments. Spoilers ahead.


I passed the everliving fuck out of my comp exams. It’s time to play some goddamn videogames.


Today was a hell of a good day to have a surprise direct. I tried out Control on my Switch and it ran really well on my shit connection, but the sound was out of sync. It shows promise though, if you can’t play it otherwise. Back to Sekiro now.


I just finished my exams. I’ve written 50 pages in the last 5 days. I’m fucking tired. Updated book stack in the comments.


So I bought Sekiro when it came out last year and got as far as the Ogre on the stairs in Ashina Outskirts before throwing in the towel. I picked it up again last week and I beat Genichiro and I’m at Senpou temple wrecking monks. Absolutely loving it.


Hey all, do any of you own the New 3DS (not XL) and want one or both of these Pokémon faceplates? Free to a good home. See comments.


Gundam meisters, I need help. I want to buy, line, and build some HG 1/144 models. But I don’t know which ones. I’ll list the ones I’ve built in a comment. Please make suggestions. (Also I may be ready for experiment with RG.)


Holy shit! Kingdoms of Amalur is getting remastered! <3 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/kingdoms-of-amalur-reckoning-is-getting-a-remaster-in-august/


I had a lot to choose from for #depressingbutbeautiful but I wanted to do something more recent than NieR: Automata’s “Deserving of Life” video or Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”. Here’s Grimes’s best song.


First shipment of Comp. Exam books arrived. Still waiting on another 15 or so. See you in October.


Grades submitted. Semester over. Finishing FFVIIR and reading for comp exams next. Love from your third- or fourth-favorite witcher.


Who couldn't afford to back the Wonderful 101 Remaster, and what system would you have gotten it for?


Dtoid fam, I'm thinking I'd like to donate some free games to people here, but I need some ideas. See comments.


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