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The FFIX music bug has supposedly been fixed on the Switch. Can anyone confirm?


SGDQ crossed the $3M mark. Incredible.


Four years ago, Koji Igarashi initiated a Kickstarter campaign for what was basically a new Castlevania. I immediately dropped about 1/3rd of my meager paycheck on it. Before Witcher 3, before Mighty Number 9, I backed Bloodstained. Bring on the night.


Remedy's Control looks awesome. Haven't played any of their titles since Alan Wake, but I'm immediately back onboard. Also, the OX team is great.


Going to continue streaming SOTN for the ?th time in about 10 minutes. Just past bad ending, ready to explore the caverns/catacombs, and gather the silver/gold rings. Maybe gonna hear the Fairy sing. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho


I’m going to do some homework, eat some food, and stream SOTN on Twitch. I plan on going live around 8 EST. https://www.twitch.tv/shibboletho *Edit: Live!*


Spring semester was great, but now that’s it over, I get to enjoy my summer break. And now that that’s over, I get to go back to class tomorrow. Fortunately it only lasts a month, which is enough time to have another class before Fall semester begins.


Grading my students' final multimedia projects. Some of them submitted podcasts. Listening to them in my office is like listening to a bunch of shitty audio logs for a really boring game about writing.


Semester over. I wrote 43 pages in the last 2 weeks. One year down; four to kill. Let’s. Play. Some. Fucking. VIDEOGAMES.


One paper down, one to go. For everyone still working on term papers—


FINALLY able to change my PSN name! Feel free to laugh at the shitty old one. For those of you on the fence, feel free to ask questions in the comments re: lost content or anything else. I’ll do my best to answer what I can through the weekend.


@Brett Makedonski - I'm about to cite your article about Ludonarrative Dissonance in an academic paper. It's not gonna make either of us famous or anything, but I wanted you to know. <3


I'm sorry, Devil May Cry 5. You're good to a lot of people and I'm very happy you're back and doing well, but you're just not Bayonetta and I really hate your combat. I thought you changed in the last decade. Instead, you've just stayed exactly the same.


Hey, Elder Scrolls: Blades just came out in early access.


And for my next trick, I'm going to find an excuse to reference Devil May Cry in the title of my upcoming term paper on Marlowe's Doctor Faustus.


Are there any fixes for this Qtoid comment issue yet? I’m using chrome and can’t see shit, no matter which comment button I press (comments or direct link). I had to reply to people using safari on my phone. HELP ME, MARINAAAAAAAA!


Not videogame related: I moved to this city for school last August, and I just now found a new dojo to call home. I'm so excited for the semester to end so I can officially start.


It took me the better part of my small amount of free time for the last week, but I finished this look at MGS4. It's still my favorite game in the series and a personal Top 5 listee, but this guy's video is just great. Major kudos. <3


Anybody else having trouble viewing qtoid comments in Chrome? Clicking the comment button does nothing. I have to click the chain link button to see them in a new page. This is affecting mobile iOS and Windows 10.


DMC5 demo absolutely convinced me that Bayonetta 3 will be fucking incredible.


I haven't yet thought of a name for him/her.


So I’m locked in for the weekend working on another paper (so what’s new), but this finally arrived and I didn’t have anywhere else to share and I really wanted to. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a belt.


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That Marvel slate looks Shan Chi (that casting is fantastic), Black Widow, Doctor Strange (At the Mountains of Madness reference will always get me hyped) and Blade (Mahershala Ali is the man) are definitely the


XV keeps on rollin! This episode was great for setting up some stuff for the rest of the season, but what I really loved were the small touches in it that people have been wanting for years to #SymphogearSunday


That’s cruel, I’m sure you are having fun you sexy bastard <3


The offline version of Dtoid loads a 09/11/2018 build of the The Spiderman PS4 review is prominently featured on the The Twin Towers were removed from the 2001 Spiderman Occams was Spiderman was behind

Riff Raff

Wrote a personal gaming update If you are insanely bored and really have absolutely nothing to do, maybe give it a read :)

Fivefinger Delta

Gaj, is that you?


Cleaning our my shed and I found this:

Alex Heat

Watch your ankles

Electric Reaper

I have now viewed 3 isekai manga/anime series where the protagonist brings creates a version of their more advanced tech in the less technologically advanced world they appear


Okay, I feel a little better



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