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So Nightwish is playing Atlanta in March, but I don't really know anyone in Atlanta. Is it worth going to a concert alone?


Everyone’s getting followed by spambots pretending to be girls and I’m over here getting followed by some dude named “toomanydicks.” That’s a really poor advertising strategy, my dude.


Just watched Baby Driver. It was good, but damn I thought it was supposed to be a comedy.


I never finished Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia when it released 9 years ago. Seems like a good Halloween game. I do miss my dearly departed CV.


Let's say I'm interested in SNES/GBA emulation, but for totally legal and not-at-all-illegal piracy reasons. Where would I find more info? Incidentally, how easy is it to set up a PS4 controller on a PC?


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is great now that I'm past the awful stealth level the game decided to open with. Seriously, this is a game about shooting nazis, and after 3 minutes of dual-wielding killfests you're gonna make me sneak around a prison? Fuck.


I just got the Wolfenstein double-pack. Since it's chronologically first, should I play Old Blood before I play New Order?


I cannot disclose my source, however I received confirmation that the Switch version of Doom will have Arcade Mode. I haven't seen that announced anywhere else yet.


What I want from Red Dead Redemption II:


Okay, but seriously: what's the difference between a Stand and a Persona?


You know if you think about it, 2016's DOOM and an Undertale genocide run are kindof the same thing.


#wallpapertoid; as a martial artist and (shitty) Pharah main, I can't help but adore this capture from Ana's reveal trailer.


In case anyone was curious how rad the special edition reversible cover art is, I present you the raddest:


Fire Emblem Birthright is better than I expected. I just recruited Schlomo the Jewfro into my party, but I don't think I want to romance any of these IDF soldiers. I'm at the level where you ride a camel to Tel Aviv. I can't wait for the Chanukah mission.


I've unintentionally started a pre-hurricane tradition of finishing a game I've never played before the power goes out. Last year it was The Beginner's Guide before Hermine; this year it's Uncharted: Lost Legacy before Irma hits tonight. Wish me luck. <3


Screenshot Labor Day! Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—Geralt encounters the slain female royal griffin in the Prologue in White Orchard. Taken during New Game+, hence the Tesham Mutna armor.


I keep having ideas for games I'd love to make, but I have zero programming or coding knowledge. I wonder if I'll ever be able to learn. :/


The one thing I wanted to do today was sit and play videogames and I couldn't fucking scrape the time out of the week's asshole to do that. I hope everyone else fared better this Sunday.


Over in North FL we're getting the shreds of Harvey because it didn't target us. Texastoid, stay safe y'all.


Playing Doom is the second-closest I've been to hatefucking someone.


Okay, gun to my head personal Top 5 of all time: 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; 2. Jet Set Radio Future; 3. Ninja Gaiden II (X360); 4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; 5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Also stuck thinking about some girl. :(


Back from the karate seminar. That was definitely one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.


Packing for my first international karate seminar. Fuck, I'm nervous.


Got the Platinum trophy in NieR:Automata. What an incredible experience. Thank you to Yoko Taro, Kira Buckland, and Kyle McCarley for making it a reality.


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