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The End Is Nigh on Switch is fantastic, but why the hell is Edmund McMillen forcing me to jump with the fucking A button?


Put in final grades for 3 classes. Failed 6 students, busted one of them for blatant plagiarism. I don't drink, but I've never wondered why my colleagues keep whiskey in the back of their filing cabinets. Those of you finishing a semester: stay strong.


Mega Man X Collection with X-X8 coming to all current gen platforms and PC. One of the few things I wanted from the 30th anniversary. Now give us Legends. *Edit* MEGA MAN 11 HOLY SHIT THERE ARE ACTUAL TEARS


Losing my shit over Anime Crimes Division. It's only 3 episodes. Watch this shit.


Someone just upvoted a 2-year-old comment of mine. But contained in the comment was this video, so it's understandable:


@Luckrequired and @MeeGhoulz reminded me that today is (was—after midnight here) Bruce Lee's birthday. Let's all take a few minutes and review Ung Moon!


I don't have to change my username for Chanukkah because it's already a Hebrew word. Also, I can't be assed to change it anyway.


I finished Mario Odyssey. Without going into detail, the ending was a surprise—I didn’t like it. Doesn’t diminish the game though. I finished with 260-something moons. Time to go after the rest?


#Waifutoid, huh? It's either Momiji from Ninja Gaiden/DOA or Shanoa from CV: Order of Ecclesia. I refuse to choose, dammit.


Finally got around to finishing Wolfenstein: Old Blood. On to Dishonored 2, then New Order, then Death of the Outsider, then Wolfenstein 2. Bethesda is *killing it* this gen with single-player first-person games. Don't even get me started on Doom.


EA Games: It's in the Box®.


Three of my students (and some of you!) had birthdays today, and all were happy and excited! They were not so excited when I reminded them that their parents *really* celebrated Valentine's Day.


I'm done with Assassin's Creed: Origins. Not finished, just done. I can't deal with that combat system. I hated every fucking encounter. On to Wolfenstein 2, because sweet Christ I love shooting Nazis.


I still can't gel with AC: Origin's new combat system, but the rest of the game reminds me what I always loved about the series, and I love the modern day segments again to boot.


AC: Origins’ combat is not fun. It copied the wrong aspects of games like Dark Souls. It’s clunky and often slow, doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, and worse is that it disrupts the flow of the game more than combat used to in older AC titles.


"We here at Blizzard have decided to share how our lootbox odds work. We look at your match history and player standing, check your ranked W-L-D ratio, identify your most-played heroes, and then give you another spray for Symmetra."


I don't know why we're all talking about Sucker Punch, but I'll swing: I want Sucker Punch to have a better ending. :(


#ScreenshotSaturday Gravity Rush 2 features a side quest where you have to help a little girl find a dog, and then you need to play with the dog by throwing a frisbee. Don't you tell me this ain't Game of the Year.


Finished Order of Ecclesia. It was great, but I liked Portrait of Ruin more. Shanoa was fantastic, and I really miss Castlevania as a franchise. I'm psyched for Bloodstained. Also:


So Nightwish is playing Atlanta in March, but I don't really know anyone in Atlanta. Is it worth going to a concert alone?


Everyone’s getting followed by spambots pretending to be girls and I’m over here getting followed by some dude named “toomanydicks.” That’s a really poor advertising strategy, my dude.